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Man Calls A Radio Host To Help Him Land A 2nd Date With A Woman Who Ghosted Him But Ends Up Getting Caught In A Lie

Photo: TikTok
Meg listening o "Second Date Update"

A self-proclaimed “Second Date Update queen” on TikTok named Meg recently posted a video of her listening to a segment of her local radio station’s “Second Date Update” show that went viral, reaching over 3.1 million views and nearly 5000 comments.

The “Second Date Update” show from New Country 96.3 is your classic radio call-in show about — well, exactly what it sounds like. People call into the station to talk about a first date they went on that didn’t end in a second date, hoping to get the radio station’s help to set the couple up for round two.

‘Second Date Update’ caller, Lee, claims that his first date with Britney went well.

As Meg sits inside her car, listening along to the radio while recording, we can hear the intro to the “Second Date Update” segment before they get into telling Lee’s story about how his date with Britney went.

“Lee gave us a call because he had a great first date with Britney but no second date, so we’re going to see if we can help him out,” the radio host said. “So first of all, Lee, tell everybody: how’d you meet Britney?”

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As with any modern dating story, Lee claims that he met Britney on Tinder, where they had talked and scheduled a date to go out for drinks. “[We] had a good time, uh, I feel like, you know, we had a great conversation, had a lot of laughs, and then I just never heard from her.”

He claims that recently, he’d been calling and texting her to try and set up a second date, but she just hasn’t responded to any of his texts. The radio host then takes this opportunity to ask something “We always ask.”

“Is there anything that happened on the date that might have influenced her not to give you a call?” he asks, and Meg preemptively says “No” to herself, knowing that no one would ever say that anything went wrong if they were calling in the first place, but Lee unknowingly gives a hint as to what went down.

“I mean I stayed after she left because I was waiting up for some friends and, I don’t know, maybe I should have left when she left?” he explains. “That’s the only thing I could think of.”

Meg looks confused at this point, likely wondering why that would be something that ticks a person off, but Britney’s side of the story addresses everything.

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Britney says Lee didn’t actually stay at the bar to meet up with his friends.

Instead, she claims that Lee stayed at the bar in order for her not to see him skip out on paying for the tab he claimed he would pick up and pay for. The rest of their stories lined up — they went to the bar ordered some drinks had a good conversation and he claimed his friends had walked in, but that was further from the truth, at least, Britney’s truth.

“I actually frequent this bat a lot because I know the bartender and so the next time I went in I found out that Lee actually did not hang out with his friends,” she claims. “He waited until my Uber left and then he snuck out without paying the tab.”

Meg gasps in shock, not expecting Lee to have done something so dirty, but to make matters worse, “it’s one of those bars where you have to then pay a percentage if you have tabs that walk out,” meaning it cost the bartender her own money because he didn’t pay.

She claimed that she would be willing to hear him out, explaining that she doesn’t know his situation but got a “bad vibe” which is why she decided to stay away and save herself the trouble. No one, however, could expect what happened when they brought Lee back into the call.

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Lee pretended to be his fictional roommate named ‘Len.’

“Hello? Hello? Who’s this?” Lee responds (with a forcibly deeper voice) from the other end. Clearly confused, the host responds “Lee, yeah, it’s Hawkeye and Michelle, you called us. Second Date Update.”

“Oh no no, I’m Len, I’m uh… I’m Lee’s roommate,” Lee said. “He just left his phone.” Meg gasps in shock once again, giving us a “No way dude” as she reacts in real-time to the story unfolding before us.

The woman who co-hosts the show alongside Hawkeye, Michelle, is having a hard time believing that what she’s hearing is true. “You’re Len, Lee’s roommate, and he left the phone there and you’re picking it up. Is that what you’re telling us?”

He continues with the lie, claiming that Lee was a volunteer fireman who got called in and had to leave, but Britney begs to differ. “Lee works in landscaping,” she says. No matter what they say, Lee continues this act and pretends to be his roommate with an oddly similar name and voice, Len.

“Lee, this is— Lee you’re not fooling anybody, this is you,” Hawkeye says, laughing at how ridiculous this situation turned out to be. There’s no point in trying to bring Lee back out of Len, he’s too far gone at this point, and Hawkeye tries to spin the conversation away and direct it back to Britney.

“Our whole goal was to see if you would like a second date with Lee, we would pick up the tab — actually pay it this time — but, you know, we would recommend not,” Hawkeye tells her. “In fact, I’m not even going to waste my time with the offer.”

They thank her for coming onto the show, to which she responds “Thank you for clearing this up for me, this was great,” clearly enjoying the spectacle.

Even after she leaves, Lee continues to put on the show and pretend to be Len, but the video cuts off shortly after their little conversation about how weird it was that Lee would leave his phone in that imaginary scenario.

It’s safe to say that Britney dodged a bullet the first time and had a fun little afternoon on this phone call from New Country 96.3.

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