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Woman Can't See 'One Good Reason' To Wash Her Pajamas — 'I'm Not Working Out In My Sleep'

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Woman doesn't wash her pajamas TikTok

If there’s one rule to set when it comes to wearing clothes, it wouldn’t be about what clothes you’re allowed to wear or the size or even which season you’re wearing what in — the only rule should be that you need to wash them.

You wouldn’t even think this needs to be said — of course, we wash our clothes. I went out today? These clothes are going in the wash. I stayed inside in my day clothes? Maybe I’ll give it two or three days since I’m not doing anything, and then it goes in the wash.

One woman, however, went above and beyond (or under and below) the expectations set upon her by standards for hygiene by admitting something I would keep with me to my grave.

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She claims she doesn’t wash her pajamas and can’t see ‘one good reason’ to.

A video uploaded by a woman named Hallie (@hallienicole1) on April 30, 2023, recently went viral, receiving over 1.5 million views — likely because of how shocking the information she revealed was.

The caption reads “???? R u kidding me??” but the real meat of the conversation rests in the text overlaid in the short, 6-second video. It starts, “Wait are we seriously washing our pajamas???”



“I saw a girl saying she put hers under her pillow for when she wears them 2-3 days in a row and I was like TWO TO THREE???” If you thought you misunderstood her first question, you would be sorely mistaken. She isn’t reacting because she thinks that’s too long, she’s reacting because it’s any time at all.

“I wear the same two outfits to bed every single night (a hot outfit and a cold outfit of course) and I only wash them in the case of a stain from a midnight snack.”

Although she made sure to include that she has two separate sets depending on the weather and climate, she doesn’t take enough care to actually wash the clothes. I mean really, what happens when it’s hot sometimes even when you’re wearing your hot outfit? I would wait, but it wouldn't be a long one, because she continues to explain herself.

“Like I’m not working out in my sleep??” she writes. “Those clothes aren’t being exposed to the elements? Literally, give me one good reason for washing pajamas I don’t get it.”

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The science says you should wash your clothes at least once a week.

Of course, once again, there are no rules, but there is a reason that washing machines were invented. According to Good Housekeeping Magazine, you should wash your pajamas at least once a week.

“Bacteria can build up in a major way in your pajamas,” they write. “The oily build-up on your skin is often full of bacteria, which is then transferred to your sleepwear. These can cause infections in cuts, acne, or even cystitis.”

Not only that, but dead skin cells that rub off on your clothes can pile up and contribute to even more bacteria. Not to mention there are other factors that go into this such as how often you wash your sheets and what time of day you’re showering. Coupled with how much we move and sweat in our sleep, the number of bacteria being built up would probably shock you — at least, it would probably shock Hallie here.

People in the comments were shocked by Hallie’s confession. One woman wrote, “pls tell us if you wash your bedding and how often I’m so curious.” Someone else wrote, “2-3 days is fine, even up to a week sometimes—but NEVER? You NEVER wash them? EVER?”

For Hallie’s own safety, we recommend she starts washing her pajamas at the very least once a week. She was looking for a good reason, and there are several, so hopefully she decided to make an adjustment sooner rather than later.

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