‘I Left My Boyfriend Over Laundry': Woman Exposes Argument That Revealed Boyfriend Was Stalking Her

Straight out of an episode from 'You'.

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A 28-year-old woman took to Reddit to tell her story about how an argument about laundry took a turn for the worst and ended their 2-year relationship before her 29-year-old boyfriend had the chance to propose.

She claims that the experience she had with him left her fearful and concerned, that she would never go back to him and she owes no explanations or apologies.

An argument over laundry exposed her 2-year boyfriend’s neurotic and obsessive behavior.

On the subreddit “r/TrueOffMyChest”, a woman posted the story of how her relationship with her boyfriend ended just three months after moving in with him and being together for a total of two years.


“A week ago. I'm sitting on our bed folding laundry. I was doing some of his too, because it was in the hamper,” she writes. “It's never been an issue. We share lots of chores. I'm not really a housewife, but we both keep things neat.”

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The relationship between them is balanced and nothing has been wrong up to this point in their two years together, but when the boyfriend enters the room, he’s an entirely different person than the one she knows.

“He tells me in a strained voice that the way I fold his clothes is ‘just... it's ridiculous and sloppy’ …”, she explains, “... in that moment I'm thinking, ‘Oh god, I'm moving into his place and it's only been a few months, this is a rough adjustment for couples.’”


Only, it wasn’t some sort of rough adjustment period. Considering she had already been there for three months, she has likely folded his clothes before, and now he has finally snapped.

After she apologized, admitted she wasn’t the neatest folder, and suggested he fold his laundry, his entire demeanor changed.

"'I'm not going to fold clothes that you're folding just because you're too lazy to learn to fold them.’ And, it was like, maniacal,” she recalls him saying.

“The sentence started angry, then mocking, then at the end he was laughing, like me just not learning to fold his clothes in a specific way was ludicrous.”

She notes that, throughout the argument, something doesn’t seem right about him.


He’s defensive when she asks if he’s okay, trying to gaslight her into thinking she’s in the wrong and attacks her verbally after responding to his question about folding clothes for their potential children.

"Fine. That's okay. I'll fold all the clothes. Maybe then you'll have some f---ing self respect,” he said to her. “F---ing imagine your kids opening their drawer looking at a f---ing mess of clothes and that's what their life will f---ing be."

The woman immediately decided to flee.

She goes into the bathroom to hide, and when he leaves, she grabs her essentials and heads back home to her parents' house an hour away.

Her father is immediately concerned for her safety while her mother hopes it's just a misunderstanding.


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“I bit the bullet and called my boyfriend,” she continued.

“He picks up and is like, ‘Where did you go? It's just a fight over laundry. I'm over it. You looked so scared though. I was wondering when you'd get to see neurotic me.’ And he's just chuckling over this.”

He explains to her that he’s had this problem for a long time and was seeing a therapist for it.

However, the woman holds her own, explaining that he scared her too much and she thinks the relationship is now over.

She tells him that after that incident, she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

When she doesn’t relent to his attempts at winning her back, he says "Okay. F--- you then. You couldn't cut it. That's on you My family is never going to f---ing talk to you again. My sisters. Never. My friends. Never. No one is going to believe you left me over a shirt. F---ing ridiculous!"


The next day, she and her parents go back to the apartment to collect her things, but not before receiving 74 missed calls, a full voicemail inbox, and far too many text messages to read from her now ex-boyfriend.

When they go to pick up her things, they bring the police with them just in case anything happens.

One of the police officers discovered that there were cameras hidden in the apartment — something that she had not been made aware of since moving in.


After leaving, her ex stalked her and made her feel like she has had to go into hiding, texting her new numbers and phones, forcing her to stay inside and work remotely.

She notes at the end of the post that the whole situation has left her extremely fearful and confused about who she has been dating for the past two years.

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