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Daycare Worker Upset That Working Parents Leave Their Kids For 12 Hours A Day — 'How Could You?'

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Daycare worker on TikTok

In a now-deleted TikTok, a daycare teacher ripped on parents who would leave their kids in her care for “11-12 hours a day, 5 days a week.”

Unsurprisingly, her video hit a sore spot with parents who would love to spend more time with their children but aren’t able to because of their other responsibilities. While the woman who posted the video may have done so out of concern for the children in her care, viewers found it inappropriately judgemental.

Parents on TikTok were outraged that a daycare worker shamed working parents.

People in her comments rushed to point out that it’s not fair to judge parents without knowing their situations, and that the parents of the children in daycare would likely already be heartbroken about missing out on time with their kids.

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“We live in an economy where it’s nearly impossible to not have two full-time incomes. This is my biggest worry about having children,” responded one commenter. “This is so hurtful to parents doing their best to make a living to support their child. I’m sure they’d rather be with their baby," another said.

A few people pointed out that they used to think the same way before they became parents. “The mom needs to go grocery shopping, clean the house, do laundry, run errands, etc.” one person explained.

People in the comments jumped in to defend parents who had to leave their kids at daycare for long hours.

While one commenter pointed out that the creator of the original video had said that her video was targeted toward parents who “don’t work that many hours,” it’s important to remember that just being a parent is a full-time job. “Moms deserve some type of freedom to do something alone. Shower alone, do your makeup, eat be a person. But it’s not her business to judge,” one person said.

The general consensus was that the original video was judgemental and unprofessional.

A few people defended the original video, saying that some parents overutilize daycare because they “just don’t like being parents.” Even if this was the case, it seems more likely that the vast majority of parents who leave their children in daycare for long periods of time have other reasons for doing so.

“You’re a professional daycare worker, and you’re still shaming people who are paying you to look after their children,” said a person who stitched the original video. “If you didn’t want to see that, why did you sign up for that job? I hope you get fired.”

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Being a parent is no easy task, and nobody knows that better than parents themselves. As a daycare worker, it's normal to care about the well-being of the children you work with.

You might not agree with the way some parents choose to manage their lifestyles, and you might have some private concerns. But is it ever appropriate to post a sweeping judgment of parents on social media without fully understanding their situations? Shaming parents on social media is probably not the best way to bring about changes in behavior, but it is sure to spark debate.

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