Mom Explains Why She's Not Teaching Her Kids To Read Or Write — 'We Unschool Our Kids'

"They have to show an interest in something for us to explore it with them," says Adele Allen.

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A U.K. couple has revealed the unconventional methods they have chosen when it comes to parenting their three children.

Adele and Matt Allen, who live together in Brighton, U.K. with their children, Ulysses, 12, Ostara, 8, and Kai, 4, have admitted to embracing their parenting style even though it doesn't align with how other parents are raising their children.

Both parents claim they are 'unschooling' their children and not teaching them to read or write.

According to Daily Mail, before having their children, Adele and Matt had started living a "frugal and natural" life, with their habits reflecting that. When they finally did have children, they chose not to stop living that lifestyle.


"We got into natural living before we had our kids, so it just became a natural progression that continued and began to affect all of our decisions after I fell pregnant," Adele said. Both she and Matt, 39, say they have no trust in the healthcare and education system, and would rather keep their children away from it at all costs.

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"We didn’t do vaccinations for our kids, which people say is cruel of us, and we don’t use the healthcare system. Instead, we use natural and herbal remedies,” the mother of three revealed. “We also don’t use the education system. Instead, we unschool our kids."


"This means they have to show an interest in something for us to explore it with them, instead of following a curriculum and telling them what they are going to learn.”

She continued, saying that she and her partner believe in allowing their children to have complete reign over their own lives and decisions, but clarified that it doesn't mean "no guidance. It's just about involving them in the decisions."

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Adele revealed that she's already seen a change in her children.

Through her and Matt's parenting style, she claimed that she's only seen a positive effect on Ulysses, Ostara, and Kai. Her daughter, Ostara, has recently expressed an interest in sewing, so Adele decided to buy her a sewing machine so she could learn.


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“We just follow their lead. If they want to do a club and try a new group for a little bit, we just provide that for them,” Adele said, according to Daily Mail.


“Our son was 10 years old when he began taking an interest in wanting to read and write. He just picked up pen and paper and taught himself. He wasn’t bothered about us teaching him,” she added.

While her parenting approach is quite controversial, Adele isn't worried about her children falling behind and feels that in due time, they will learn all of the things they need to survive in society. “Language is all around them, so they are bound to pick it up. With them not being in a classroom setting, there isn’t the pressure there to do certain things by a certain age.”

The Allen family often shares glimpses into their lives on their Instagram and YouTube channel, where at times they often have to defend themselves against backlash and accusations that they aren't being good parents to their children.


“We don’t want [the children] to spend their life doing what other people are telling them to do,” she explained. “We want them to find their passion, and not waste time in their life, so that they know who they are by the time they get around to having kids.”

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