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Woman Confronts Her Girlfriend For Not Telling Her She Spoke Her Native Language After Six Months Of Dating

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woman confronts girlfriend for speaking her language

A woman who has “truly never been happier” in her relationship was shocked after she suddenly found out her girlfriend spoke her native language, so she quickly called her out on it.

In the Reddit subreddit r/AmITheA**Hole (which has since been deleted), a forum where online users ask and receive advice on personal conflicts in their lives, the 25-year-old asked whether she was wrong for telling her girlfriend of six months that she should have shared that kind of detail with her early on in the relationship.

The user explained, “I had to go out with my cousin and asked [my girlfriend] if she wanted to join me. She happily did. I'm originally Greek. So is my cousin. Sometimes we'd slide in a few words.”

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To the woman’s surprise, her non-Greek girlfriend decided to join their conversation — in Greek.

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“It was a moment of shock for me because she never mentioned she spoke Greek before,” the user wrote.

“I was saying pretty basic things with my cousin then but she'd heard me speak on the phone, curse to myself, and never mentioned she spoke it,” the woman added. Shortly after they arrived home, she confronted her girlfriend about it.

In response, her girlfriend claimed, “It’s not a big deal,” and explained that Greek wasn’t the only other language she knew. In fact, she’s fluent in 13 different languages, including English and Greek!

The woman added, “My point was as my girlfriend she should've told me earlier about this and she heard my conversations around the house and never commented on them.” Most of these conversations, she explained, contained details of her mother’s “difficult health situation,” which was a private matter.

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In the comments, some felt that the user’s girlfriend ‘should apologize’ for withholding such information.

“[The girlfriend] collects languages like she rudely collects personal information,” one user asserted. “She's rude and needs to apologize for not admitting it.”

Another user replied, “I'd be pretty upset too if I was having conversations they KNEW were private health matters around them, and they failed to mention they understood every word and hadn't excused themselves from the room so as not to listen in and be invasive.”

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“To me, that makes it sound like GF is hiding it. You don't accidentally not mention to someone that you speak their family's language for 6 months.”

However, many agreed that the woman may have overreacted for selfish reasons.

A woman in the comments who also identifies as Greek couldn’t fathom why the user would be anything other than happy in this situation.

“If I found out that my foreign partner spoke Greek, I'd be the happiest person in the world,” she wrote. “The only reason why you'd be unhappy about this is if you wanted [a] free pass to lie to her face about conversations that you're having around her.”

Some believe it was on the 25-year-old for making assumptions about her new girlfriend. “You're having private conversations in front of someone assuming they don't know your language. Your assumption here would be the problem, not the person.”

“I think it’s far more rude to be having private conversations you don’t want others to know about when they’re sitting right there because you know they can’t understand,” another user concluded.

In the end, the user was awarded an “A–hole” rating and, well, you can probably guess what that means.

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