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Woman Catches Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her After Recognizing His Breakfast Order In Another Woman's Social Media Post

Photo: @jeddamindtricks / TikTok 
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While a woman was scrolling through social media, she inadvertently discovered that her boyfriend of two and half years was cheating on her. Although the evidence may not appear as obvious as one would think. 

In fact, his face nor another woman’s was not even visible in the photo she found that revealed his infidelity. It was a small detail in the photo that blew his cover. 

The woman recognized her boyfriend’s breakfast order in a photo posted by another woman on Instagram. 

TikTok user Jedda (@jeddamindtricks) suspected that her long-term boyfriend was being unfaithful to her after he went away on a trip with some friends. She decided to investigate by going through his followers list on Instagram to see if any of his female followers had posted photos with him when she came across a post that confirmed her suspicions. 

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 Photo: TikTok 

To most of us, the post appears to be a normal photo of a breakfast order consisting of toast, an omelet, and what appear to be scones with a mug of coffee beside the plate. However, Jedda recognized the meal as her boyfriend’s go-to breakfast order and identified the thumb of the person with the plate as his. 

Jedda posted her impressive detective work to TikTok in a video that has been viewed over 1 million times. “When you catch your bf cheating bc you recognized his breakfast order and thumb in another girl’s IG post,” she wrote in the text overlay in the video, lip-syncing to the lyrics, “Oh my God, she’s insane,” to the Taylor Swift song “I Bet You Think About Me.” 



Jedda clarified in the comments section that she messaged the woman who posted the photo, who wished to remain anonymous. They both were unaware of the other’s existence and soon discovered that they were dating the same man, who denied their accusations and provided them each with a different excuse. “Wish I’d found out sooner but he was playing perfect boyfriend,” Jedda wrote. 

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Other TikTok users shared their own stories about how they used social media to catch their cheating exes. 

“I figured it out once 'cause I could see my man’s EAR in another girl’s baseball game selfie,” one user commented.  “I recognized my ex’s foot in another girl’s Instagram story they were at the beach together laying on the sand and she only posted his foot but I KNEW,” another user revealed. 

In a follow-up video, Jedda shares that her boyfriend acted clueless when she confronted him about the photo. “Really tried to tell me ‘hmmm I think I remember going to that restaurant with friends’ that pic was posted three days prior,” she wrote in the caption. 



She also has a warning for any partners who think they will get away with cheating: women, specifically Scorpio women, will always find out the truth one way or another. 

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