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Woman Catches Uber Eats Driver Eating Her Food After Going Out To Look For Her Missing Order

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When it comes to cringeworthy moments on the internet, a video of an Uber Eats driver being confronted by a customer may take the cake. 

The second-hand embarrassing inducing moment was posted to TikTok and people cannot believe that the driver did not think his actions through. 

The Uber Eats driver was caught sitting in his car at a customer’s apartment complex eating her order. 

In the video which has been viewed over 1 million times in 24 hours, a woman approaches a driver who was supposed to drop off her food order at her apartment as he sits in his car. 

She soon realizes that he never intended on dropping off the order to her. Instead, he decided to help himself to the food. 

The customer decides to take out her camera and record their entire reaction. She is quick to call the driver out as he stares at her blankly with her food order in hand. 

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“Instead of you bringing me my food or answering the phone you decided to just keep it and eat it?” she presses him. 

Things grow even more awkward when the woman asks the driver to give her back her remaining food, along with the food he had already begun eating and her drink. 

The driver passes the customer’s order to her through his open window before claiming that he did in fact try to find her apartment before giving up and digging into the order, however, was having trouble reading the directions she gave him. 

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The woman does not buy his excuse.

“I screen-recorded the whole thing, sir,” she informs him. “I have me calling you, me texting you, I screen recorded the whole thing. Instead of you coming to bring my food after I gave you clear directions… and you didn’t respond to any of that.” 

The woman notes that she provided the driver with directions in both English and Spanish and told him that if he encountered a problem getting to her address, she would meet him in front of the apartment complex. 

“You didn’t have to look for me, I said I’d meet you right out here in the front,” she says. She also asks him why he didn't buy his own food while picking up her order.

The driver is silent for an excruciating few seconds, before repeating that he was driving around trying to find the woman to drop off her food. 

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When she asked why he did not respond to her, he claims that he was “overwhelmed” by the number of messages she sent him. 

The woman continues to drill him after the driver’s confession. “If you’re lost why didn’t you try to contact me so I could help you find it [the address],” she asks him. 

She acknowledges that it is difficult to find certain addresses in her apartment complex, which is why she drove from her apartment to the front of the complex and pick up her order from the driver. 

“You haven’t even made it out of the complex, and you’re already sitting here eating my food!” the woman barks at the man. 

The man, who appears done with the conversation, asks the woman what the point of her recording is. 

“Cause you pissed me off,” she responds. “You just wasted my time and you pissed me off.” 

She warns the driver that she will be sending the video to the Uber Eats company and alerting them of the situation. 

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TikTokers couldn’t believe the incredibly awkward encounter. 

“The phone still being in the app is sending me,” one user commented. 

“The way he keeps getting food out of his teeth with his tongue…I can’t with the world today,” another user pointed out. 

“This is why I do not order from Uber eats, DoorDash or any food service,” another user wrote. 

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