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Man Caught On Ring Camera Berating His Wife After She Falls & Drops Food Delivery

Photo: TikTok
Man yelling at wife

During an awful case of relationship woes spilling out into the streets, A&E Television Network recently shared a TikTok video of a man’s awful behavior toward his wife.

The woman's husband got out of his car to yell at his wife for falling down as she delivered food.

The video, titled “Food delivered with a side of relationship drama,” starts with the couple, who seem to be food delivery drivers, pulling up to a residence on a sunny day to make a delivery.

The wife gets out of the car and heads up two flights of stairs to the customer’s apartment.



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As she ascends the stairs, she trips and falls, her body (and the customer's meal) slamming to the ground.

Clearly shaken up by the fall, the woman winces and sits for a moment to collect herself.

Her husband takes notice and at first, appears to exit the car with the intention to check on his wife.

But before he even makes it up the stairs, he starts yelling.

He tells his wife, still on the ground, “You don’t look like you can even deliver food.”

She shoots back, telling him, “I’m really stressed. I don’t want you,” as she returns to a standing position in front of the customer’s front door and in view of their Ring camera.

This set him off and he responds, “I’m watching my wife fall down. I want you out of my life if you don’t want to do what you’re told. You’re acting like an imbecile.”

He went on to critique the way she works, saying she is “showing up to every delivery like a rude person,” oblivious to the fact that he was the one being rude at the time.

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She remains silent while her husband continues to berate her.

His wife chose not to respond and stood at the door, food in hand, ready to drop it off.

But that didn’t keep him from continuing his rant.

The man tells her, “You’re falling everywhere you go. You look sloppy. You don’t care about what makes me happy and that’s how our relationship works. Stop making me deliver if you don’t want to be with me.”

She simply mutters “okay” as he continues to berate her in front of the customer’s door.

She finally says, “I see,” and he turns to walk back down the stairs but decides he has more to get off his chest.

The man explains, “And it’s because you’re in this and you shouldn’t be,” before finally descending the stairs and heading back to his car.

The customer eventually came to pick up the food at the door.

The woman kept her composure and offered a warm “hello” to the customer once they opened the door.

She confirmed she had the right person and handed the food over.

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People in the comments were quick to call out the way he belittled his wife.

One person said, "'Do what you're told.' There is so much wrong with this dude!"

Another noticed the lack of trust in the relationship, stating, “Anyone notice that she's with her husband and takes her purse with her when she gets out of the car just to deliver food!”

But the most poignant feedback came from a woman concerned about the assertion that the wife keeps falling everywhere she goes.

She posted, “If she's falling often and is always clumsy that could be a neurological issue.”

But the woman’s health and well-being seem to be the least of her angry husband’s worries.

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