Manager Shuts Down 'Customer Is Always Right' Debate By Defending Worker From Person Yelling Over Late Order

This Doordasher was shown the door.

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A video taken at a Wingstop shows the moment where a manager sticks up for his employees after they were harassed by a Doordash worker looking for his order.

The young man in the video is being praised for standing up to the customers and sticking his neck out for his employees — something that many claim is rare in the food service industry.

The Wingstop manager refused service to the Doordash employee for their rude behavior.

The video begins well after the incident had already begun, but starts with the manager engaging in a discussion with two customers who claim to work with Doordash.


“To be yelling at a cashier over an order that was late,” the manager says, likely reprimanding the customers, “and I already told her what happened with the order.”

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The problem seems to be that the Doordashers are looking for an order that isn’t ready yet and caused a fuss after waiting for some time, but the manager wasn’t having it.


“So again, if y’all have a problem, call Doordash,” the manager said, adding that he already called Doordash as well to explain the situation.

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Sometime before the video began, the manager likely refused to offer any further service to the customer in question, who is standing next to the man who is doing all the arguing.

“I have the right to deny somebody that was disrespectful to my workers for, just an order being late,” the manager repeated to the man he was arguing with, as the offender stood in silence by his side.


“But the order wasn’t just late, y’all didn’t even have the order,” claimed the man, but the manager wasn’t having it.

Eventually understanding that arguing with the two men would only turn into a useless cycle, the manager tells them that they’re not getting the order but they’re free to argue as much as they want.

“He’s already blacklisted on our site,” the manager says. “Tomorrow, we’re going to remove him, he won’t be able to take the orders here anymore.”

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People in the comments were proud of the manager for sticking up for his employees.

“I appreciate this manager he stood up for his employees that’s awesome customers don’t have the right to do what they want,” one user wrote.


“That’s a good manager actually cares about the team,” another user wrote.

The customer isn’t always right, and this manager decided that instead of focusing on the profit loss that would come from losing one Doordasher, he cares more about respecting his employees.

Others took note of how rare having a manager like that really was.

“I worked in fast food for 3 years and the amount of disrespect I went through was insane,” one user wrote.


Another user wrote, “i wish my old manager had my back as much as this manager did.”

Working in food service is hard enough, and as such, customers should always be kind to employees who are just trying to do their job.

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