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Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating On Her During Radio Prank Call

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New Zealand radio hosts

In a devastating moment that played out on a New Zealand radio show, a woman discovered her boyfriend's infidelity in the most public of ways.

The woman, who did not give her name to hosts of radio station "The Edge," asked for help to discover whether her boyfriend of five years was doing the dirt.

While live on the radio, the woman caught her boyfriend cheating.

After the woman called in with concerns that her boyfriend was being unfaithful, radio hosts, Sharyn and Jayden came up with a trick to find out the truth.

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Sharyn called the woman's boyfriend and pretended to be a friend of the woman he was suspected of having an affair with — a colleague of his. 

Sharyn, going by the name Virginia, said she was organizing a surprise party for the other woman.

Sharyn mentioned that she needed some help with the party and inviting guests. The boyfriend acknowledged the other woman and mentioned that he can invite a few more people to the party. 

To uncover once and for all whether or not he was cheating, Sharyn told him the party was going to be at a bowling alley and asked whether he could take the woman on a date before bringing her to the surprise party.

“Are you guys just friends or are you dating? Sorry, I should have checked. I thought she [the other woman] said you guys were dating,” Sharyn asked.

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He seemed to fumble a bit but answered the question, saying, “uhmm…I guess you can say we are. Yeah. This is a bit more serious than that.”

After he had confessed to the cheating on the radio, Sharyn went on to ask him about the details of their relationship, “You’re the [guy] she’s been hooking up with for a few months, right?”

Feeling terrible about what she had uncovered, the host then confronted the man about having a girlfriend. He seemed taken aback by the sudden mention of her and tried to laugh it off.

However, when he was prodded further about his cheating, he just claimed the radio hosts had the wrong person and hung up the phone.

The radio hosts consoled the woman after the public revelation.

After the man hung up the phone, Sharyn brought the woman back on the call. The woman replied with a cracked voice. 

Sharyn tried her best to console the woman as she had been crying. The woman mentioned that she had expected this, however, hearing it was a different experience.

While the woman felt bad about her situation, she still thanked the radio hosts for what they did.

Sharyn further consoled the woman by letting her know that she knew what it felt to be cheated on as she had been in the same position in the past.

“I just want you to know that… it feels embarrassing and you feel like you’ve done something wrong but I just want you to know that you have done absolutely nothing wrong,” Sharyn said.

“This is all on him. It is not on anybody but him. He’s the one that’s made the mistake. There’s nothing wrong with you.”

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