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Bartender Reveals How To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating On You Based On His Drink Order

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TikTok bartender

Your favorite drink can say a lot about you and, according to one bartender on TikTok, it can even reveal how you will behave in a relationship.

Paige, who works at a bar in Nebraska, sees a lot of individuals drinking certain kinds of beer, so she's decided to tell all that the type of beer your man drinks says a lot about their personality.

The bartender revealed which beer suggests a man is a cheater.

"If your boyfriend's drinking Coors Light, he's probably a nice guy. He's sweet; he's whatever, you don't have any doubts, but he's definitely flirting with b—hes at the bar," she says.

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"If your fiance, your boyfriend, your husband, your sneaky link, or whatever he is, if he's drinking Bud Light, he's gay babe. On to the next."

"Alright, we got Miller Lite. If you sit down at a restaurant and he orders a Miller Lite. Marry him, propose, right there; he is going to build you a barn, he is going to buy you a cow.

"He is the cutest little country boy, he loves you, and he's never going to cheat on you, if a girl comes up to him he's gonna pimp slap that h—e ok. On to the next." 

Her next beer says she was going to make people a little angry, and it's Michelob Ultra. 

"If he's drinking Michelob Ultra, leave him as soon as he orders it; get up and leave 'cause he's cheating on you, he's taking them home," Paige says.

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Her next drink is Keystone, and she says that if he's drinking keystone, then he's beating them, and her final one, Busch Light, gets a pass with a chef's kiss — those guys are sweethearts.

Many in her comments were saying she left out a lot of other drinks and wanted more information on those, and she gave them a part two.



Her first on the list was Budweiser, and if your man drinks Budweiser, she gives it a pass. "He's safe, he does probably smell like cigarettes and cow s—t but, we love Budweiser."

The next one is Natural Light, and she says you wouldn't need to worry about drinking Natural Light "because he can't get anybody else. That girl's gonna see he's drinking natty light and she's gonna say next."

"He has no taste, he probably drives to work with no radio, he doesn't listen to music; he's boring," Paige says.

Corona sadly fails because she says those guys are the sweet talkers, but they're cheating on you, "check his dms," says Paige.

The following two PBR and Modelo get flying colors because PBR drinkers are never cheating on you, they are tipping the waiters 20%, but Modelo drinkers are the spicy ones, Paige says.

"He is the most romantic person ever, he's spicy he keeps it romantic because you guys have the best relationship. Modelo for the win." 

Her final beer Coors Banquet does get a pass but fails in the end because that boy is cheating on you, "He's messing with women in his trailer at the rodeo every weekend."

"We need a part 3 for Yuengling, blue moon, Guinness, etc," one comment asks. So perhaps our local TikTok bartender will give us a part 3, but for now, it looks like Modelo is our reigning king.

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