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Man Gets Roasted After Asking For Critiques On His Tinder Profile

Photo: Reddit
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Dating is not for the faint of heart, but at least we have apps like Tinder to make the dating pool itself a bit easier to navigate, right?

Maybe for some of us, but for one guy on Reddit it's exactly the opposite—he can't get anyone to swipe right "for the life of me."

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He asked Reddit for help perfecting his Tinder profile.

So he went to the "r/Tinder" subreddit to share his Tinder profile and ask people what he was doing wrong.

They had plenty of advice for him on how to get more Tinder matches—when they were done roasting him to a crisp for his handlebar mustache and chin-beard, that is.

Photo credit: Reddit

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People had plenty to say about the guy's Tinder profile, and most of it revolved around his facial hair choices.

There's no way around it—this dude has chosen... let's just say a bold and unique look.

As one user gently put it, "the average person isn't going to go for your facial hair. If you're okay with that, keep it but it lowers your odds."

Another added that, "I saw the pictures and immediately thought it was a joke account." Ouch.

They went on to add, "I'm sure there is someone out there that would love that facial hair, but OP is going to need a LOT of luck to find them, especially on Tinder."

Others were a lot more blunt. One user wrote, "That goatee is atrocious, I know because I had one in my 30s, and all the photos taken back then didn’t age well." Yikes.

And another didn't mince a single word—"Bro you gotta delete that sh-t off your chin." Is it mean if it's true?

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Still, some Redditors had actually constructive pointers to offer.

A few pointed out that the first picture a potential date sees is often the only one they look at, so one suggested he "do some rearranging and see how it works out."

Others suggested he rewrite the verbiage in his profile too.

One woman wrote, "I detest when people give little detail about who they are, and then say 'ask and find out'."

"No. I'm trying to gauge who you are from a very limited data set anyway... give me something to work with and stop being so lazy."

And the guy was receptive and appreciative for the guidance. He thanked everyone for their help, rewrote his profile and even shaved off his beard—though he's keeping the mustache.

Still, since he's looking for "someone genuine," several suggested Tinder might not be the right place for him, given its notorious hook-up culture—not to mention its infamous scammers like "The Tinder Swindler."

As one person put it, "You'll have better luck on bumble."

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