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Woman Tries To Make Man Who Showed Up Late For Date To Buy Takeout Meals For Her Kids

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Man and woman on date

One man's first date got pretty heated when his date tried to punish him for showing up late to dinner.

The internet is divided about who is in the wrong with many coming to the woman's defense for how she handled things while other believe the man had every right to be outraged.

She believes that because he showed up late to their date, he should buy her kids takeout food.

The video opens while the two of them have a discussion about the food the woman ordered after they had already finished their meals.

“You already had me waiting an hour and a half, so it’s for my kids,” the woman responded after he asked who the food she ordered was for. “Yeah, you owe me that.”

“Aren’t they with their daddy?” the man asks, prompting the waitress who was taking their order to burst out in laughter at the situation.

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The woman ignores him, and the two continue with their back and forth about ordering food for her kids and him not paying for it.

The poor waitress, whose name is Kiara, dealing with the commotion went into the back after the woman told her to put in the order for the food a third time.

“I’m not paying for all of that,” the man says, as his date orders a steak with potatoes and a side of A1 sauce for her 8-year-old son, along with two chicken tenders for her other 5-year-old.

“You’re gonna get her fired up in here,” he continues, referring to the waitress because he’s refusing to pay for the food.

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The man eventually goes into the kitchen to stop the order and talks to other patrons about the issue.

In the follow-up video, the man follows the waitress into the kitchen to make sure that she doesn’t put the order in on his check.

“Don’t put those kids on my check,” he says. “Those aren’t my kids.”

After repeating himself several times, another worker tells him to go back to his table, claiming that Kiara will take care of it.

On his way back to his table, he explains the predicament to several onlookers from other tables.

“She’s trying to put a bill on me and those aren’t my kids,” he explains. “I’m late to the date, she’s trying to make me get some for her and her kids.”

“What’s wrong with that?” responds another patron. He argues back, saying it’s his first date with her and he’s never even met the kids.

“You were late,” reasons a second.

"Come on y’all, y’all aren’t on my side?" he says in disbelief, almost jokingly. "Nobody’s on my side man, it’s cool though."

Back at the table, she continues to think she’s getting food from his money, while he continues to claim that he won’t pay for it.

The video ends with the man asking for a box, and it’s unclear whether or not he actually did pay for her kids’ food.

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People argued on social media about who was in the right about the incident.

“REAL MEN wouldn't have a problem with this,” one woman argued in the replies on Twitter. “It's protect and shelter woman and children always.”

“A REAL WOMAN wouldn’t ask a man (who’s not the father of her kids) for meals, she would’ve made sure [sic] her children have already been fed,” someone argued back.

Another woman argued for his side of the argument, agreeing that those kids are not his responsibility whatsoever — not to mention the fact that he hasn’t even met them.

“I’m a mother myself,” she said. “I make sure my daughter is fed, bathed, and straight before she go to the sitter. Simple.”

However, the largest issue for many people was the fact that he was over an hour and a half late, and while she didn’t have to spend money to hire a sitter, it was inconsiderate of him and should garner some sort of compensation.

But when he said he owed her for being late, he meant in the form of paying for a second date and not buying her children food.

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