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Woman Tracking Down Her Missing Air Pods Ends Up Catching Her Husband On A Date With Another Woman

Photo: TikTok
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They say that what’s done in the dark always comes to the light. That means that you don’t need to waste time looking for ways people are wronging you, as they will always reveal themselves.

For a TikToker name Tris, those words rang true as she searched for her missing Air Pods and found much more than she bargained for.

By tracking her AirPods' location, she caught her cheating husband on a date.

The video starts with footage of her husband working out at the gym. It is captioned, “As you can see, I’m at the gym with my husband and he had used my Air Pods.”

Next, she shares an image of a map that is captioned, “And I thought I lost them [because] I forgot he had used them.”

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So, Tris tracks her missing earphones to a location shown on the map and it turns out to be a restaurant named Tokyo-ya Ramen & Izakaya.

As she is en route to the location she texts her husband and attempts to give him a call but both efforts go unanswered.

Upon entering the eating establishment, to her surprise, she finds her husband dining with another woman.

“Instead of finding my Air Pods, I found my husband on a date with another girl,” she captions the image as she approaches them at the table.

Her husband looks in her direction as the woman he is treating to a meal looks down sheepishly. The video ends with him looking guilty.

The video of the cheating husband getting cause was viewed over 4 million times with people commenting things like “You were meant to 'lose' those Air Pods!”

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People really wanted to know what the outcome was so Tris posted an update sharing that her husband’s last location was near a hotel or park.

She also shared a story time to give a complete recap of the incident.

According to her, the discovery of her husband’s affair came to light after he forgot his earbuds at home, and she let him borrow her Air Pods at the gym.

Her husband came home and showered, which was out of the ordinary. She left to pick up their son while he was still in the shower.

While on the way home with her child, she got a notification about her Air Pods that prompted her to locate them.

In a final video, Tris shares the outcome of the incident. From the sounds of it, her husband continued to eat dinner after the confrontation.

She waited in the parking lot for him to leave, but when he came out of the restaurant, he didn’t speak to her and sped off.

People watching were appalled by his blatant disrespect. One shocked commenter posted. “They kept eating?! Girl, say bye to him forever. He should have never stepped out to begin with, for him to ignore you when he finally leave.”

She shared that he is in the military, and someone commented, “Turn him into his unit. I got my ex on adultery. They don’t take it lightly AT ALL. If his command doesn’t do anything, climb the command chain.”

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