Brian Laundrie's Lawyer Says FBI Has Discussed Charging His Parents With A Crime

Who will answer for Gabby Petito's death?

Steven Bertolino and Christopher and Roberta Laundrie YouTube

With the Brian Laundrie disappearance reaching its closure following the discovery of his remains in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, eyes have turned back to Gabby Petito’s homicide and Chris and Roberta Laundrie.

Many people are wondering what happens next with Brian’s parents and any information that they may have regarding Petito’s death — including information they may have hidden from investigators.


Will Brian Laundrie's parents be charged?

Steven Bertolino, the lawyer representing the Laundrie family, has confirmed that the FBI did discuss possible charges with Chris and Roberta earlier in the investigation.

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During an interview with NBC’s Tom Llamas, he fielded several questions surrounding the death of Brian, how Chris and Roberta are doing, and what comes next in terms of the investigation into Petito’s murder and any potential charges for the parents.

In terms of legal ramifications that the Laundrie family might receive, Bertolino was pretty optimistic that no charges would be made and that there wasn’t a reason for any.


“Conversations were had several weeks ago with the FBI with respect to certain charges,” he said. “When questioned and when communications were had between myself and the FBI, I think it was realized that charges were not appropriate.”

The Laundrie's lawyer denied that a deal had been struck with the FBI.

In response to the speculation that Chris and Roberta cut a deal with the FBI for some sort of immunity, Bertolino confirmed that it wasn’t true.

“The Laundries have been cooperating with law enforcement both locally and federally from day one,” he added.

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Until the case is finalized and all of the information the Laundrie family had is revealed, it’s uncertain whether they’ll really see any charges or not, but Bertolino doesn’t think it’s likely.

In the eyes of the public, the Laundries have been suspects from day one.

When Brian returned home without Petito and immediately lawyered up, everyone thought it was very suspicious and the conspiracy theories began.

After Brian went missing on the 13th — before Petito’s body was found on the 19th — Chris and Roberta’s actions were criticized as well.

They never answered calls from the Petito family, they didn’t go out with the FBI and aid in their search until weeks later, and people were suspicious of the coincidence in how they were the ones to find Brian’s “articles” in the park.


“I would hope people would stop [speculating] especially with respect to this case and respect to the cause, or, how Brian came to be dead,” Bertolino told Llamas.

Bertolino said that he’s known the Laundrie family for over 25 years — before Brian had ever been born.

Steven Bertolino wants the speculation to end.

“I’m a little bit angry that people are even speculating this way, and primarily because it’s not just the Laundries — it’s local PD, it’s the FBI, it was an independent news person who happened to be there filming,” he said regarding the timing and coincidence of the discovery.

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The area in which these items had been found were under 2-3 feet of water until recently and were inaccessible until the water receded, prompting the discovery by Chris and Roberta.

Llamas asked Bertolino about the Laundries’ lack of communication with the Petito family and whether or not they would communicate in the future, but he simply asked for respect.

“This is tragic for two families, and anybody with a child and anybody with a sense of humanity,” he said, “can understand the frustration that both families feel. I feel for the Petito family, I always felt for them.”


He admitted that at the moment, no dialogue has been opened up between himself and the Laundries with any law enforcement or the Petito family.

“At some point in the future, there may be conversations to be had, there may be information to be discussed — tonight is not that time,” he added. “This case is not over.”

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