Wife's Horrified Reaction To Her Husband Using Colorful Christmas Lights Instead Of White Divides Viewers

Are you team white lights or colored lights?

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and a controversial question surrounding decorations has been circulating on TikTok: should you go with white Christmas lights or multi-colored ones? 

Apparently, this is a divisive decision that those who celebrate Christmas often clash over, and it can spark feuds within families. 

One man shared his wife’s reaction when he surprised her with colorful Christmas lights instead of white lights. 

In a TikTok video that has received over 1 million likes, a man (@chevyfan77) recorded himself surprising his wife with colorful Christmas lights he bought to decorate their home. 


“She only wanted white Christmas lights!!!” the man wrote in a textbox over the video. 

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When he asks his wife what she thinks of his new purchase, she responds, “What is that? What the hell did you guys do?” 


When the man repeats his question, his wife calls his setup “ridiculous” and “so dumb.” 

“You’re nuts, that’s not staying there all Christmas season!” she snaps. 

She then vents her frustration about how she hasn’t been able to decorate with her choice of lights past holidays. 

“I don’t get the white lights on the tree, I don’t get the white lights anywhere I want them!” 

When the man attempts to argue with his wife that there is nothing wrong with the colorful lights, she tells him to “shut your face.” 

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The topic of white and colored Christmas lights has many holiday enthusiasts debating. 

Many TikTok users found the man’s predicament hilarious and relatable. 

“That’s actually amazing lol,” one user commented. “Okay if my husband did this I couldn't help but laugh,” another user shared. 

Other users took the opportunity to debate whether white lights or colorful lights were the superior decoration. 

“Hot take: blue Christmas lights are tacky IMO [in my opinion], the white will always look classier,” one user expressed. 

“White or yellow feels too much like normal house lighting,” another user argued. 

Multicolored or nothing,” a colorful light proponent chimed in. 


“White lights > colored lights…you can’t change my mind,” another user wrote. 

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The man and his wife are not the only families that experience this problem. Many other TikTok users posted videos of their own battles within their homes when it comes to Christmas lights. 

One woman shared that her fiance grew up in a multi-colored light-decorated home, while she was raised with only light Christmas lights. 

Luckily, the two worked out a compromise and purchased a tree with lights that can be changed from white to colorful through the use of remote control. 




Another young woman shared that she prefers white lights while her family leans toward colorful ones. 

Their tree in the living room had a step pedal where the colors could be changed from white to multi-colored. 




The white vs. colored-lights debacle is sure to make a comeback this holiday season. Consult with members of your household on whether your for white or colored! 

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