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Woman Hits Back At Husband Who Told Her She 'Could've Been Nicer' To Him After She Did All Their Chores

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Kat Stickler TikTok

A frustrated mom is being praised for her response to her husband participating in a viral TikTok trend where people tell their partners to be "nicer."

The video, which was recorded by TikToker Kat Stickler's then-husband, Michael, was posted in 2020 but has recently gone viral once again thanks to a repost.

Mike told Kat in a TikTok video that she 'could’ve been nicer' to him after she did all of their household chores.

In a TikTok video that has received 2.8 million likes, TikTok star, Kat Stickler, shared her reaction after her husband, Mike, told her that he felt that she “could’ve been nicer” to him after he was slacking with chores around the house.

Naturally, Stickler lets her husband know exactly what she thinks of his snarky comment.



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“Oh my gosh, well I feel like you could’ve done 80 more things today than you did!” she snaps back.

She goes on to list everything she has accomplished in the day while her husband has done nothing.

“I feel like I woke up, and I cleaned our room, I did our bed, I cleaned the sheets, I did the laundry, I put your clothes away, I come in the kitchen, nothing’s done, so I do everything!”

“Then I make you breakfast, then I get the baby ready, then I get myself ready,” Stickler points out.

“And what do you do, Micheal? You just tell me I could’ve been nicer. That seems pretty nice to me!”

TikTok users praised Kat Stickler’s response to her husband in the comments.

“I love her!!!! She handed this well and she didn’t even cuss!!!!” one user pointed out.

“I hope you take good care of yourself, Kat! You deserve SO MUCH MORE,” another user commented.

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Other users called out Mike for neglecting to help his wife around the house.

“Bruh...she was waiting for this. This wasn't just today's actions. This is an all-time thing and you need to listen,” one user wrote.

“She isn't your maid, she's your wife. it's clear YOU are the problem,” another user added. “She explained all of this, and didn't yell badly, but you made a TikTok over it?”

Thankfully, Mike was only participating in a popular social media trend at the time where males tell their female partners that they “could’ve been nicer” to them to capture their reactions.

“TikTok trends will be the end of my marriage…” Stickler captioned the video.

Unfortunately, Mike and Kat Stickler divorced in 2021.

The TikTok stars addressed the rumors circulating that they had separated after Stickler posted several videos that did not feature Mike with her.

"Unfortunately, they are true. We are separating. We just wanted to be transparent with you guys, because you guys have been with us from the beginning of this whole journey,” Stickler said in a TikTok video to their followers.



The former couple did not disclose the reason for their separation, as Kat revealed in a Youtube video that she signed an NDA for the sake of their daughter, MK.

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