'I Want To Hire Three Mistresses For My Husband' — Wife Shares Video Online Seeking Girlfriend For Her Husband

Is this an approval for cheating?

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If you felt like you were neglecting your husband's needs would you:

a) Arrange a romantic surprise for him.

b) Talk to him about what needs to be improved in your love life.

c) Hire a mistress

Most people would rule out c) off the bat but, for one woman, this was the plan she hatched to keep him entertained.

The woman decided to hire a mistress for her husband to 'keep him happy.'

A Thai woman, Pattheema Chamnan, created a video advertisement online, that has now been deleted, where she stated her specifications for the mistresses.


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In the video, she lets applicants know that she can provide accommodation and could pay them 15,000 Baht ($424) per month.

Because the role is apparently too much for one woman to take on, Chamnan also states that she plans to hire three lucky women.

Chamnan said in the video, “Two will be hired to help with document work in my office, and another one will be hired to take care of me, my husband, and my child."

Her hope is that the mistress is able to do all the things for her husband that she is unable to do.


"It is important that they can please my husband physically. He is a man and needs that, he still has a high drive and lots of energy,” Chamnan said.

"His mistresses must also be able to keep him company and entertain him, so they must have a good personality and be fun."

Additionally, she doesn’t want any of the mistresses to have any kids as it can be a burden for them. 

As a mistress and the wife living under the same roof can be challenging, Chamnan has clarified in the video that there would be no issues between the two.

She said, "I guarantee there will be no fight between you and me.".

Chamnan mentioned that she hasn’t slept with her husband in a long time and feels like a bad wife. 


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However, she explained that there is a reason for that. She said, “I want to find mistresses for my husband as I am struggling physically. I have chronic depression and I feel like I can't take care of my husband well.”

Chamnan’s husband initially found out about his wife’s intention of hiring a mistress through the online video.

At first, he was shocked that his wife was doing this, however, he mentioned that he has no objections. He said, "My wife told me she wanted to find somebody to take care of me.”

Chamnan's husband was adamant that the mistresses would be respected in the same way any other employee would be.


"The women will also be treated like family and work in our company like family," he explains.

In fact, he even recommends other men consider talking to their wives about getting a live-in mistress.

He said, "Other men that wish to be like me should communicate with their wives about it. They should ask their wives for permission so there won't be problems in the future. I never wanted to have any mistress but since my wife is offering, I won't reject."


It seems Chamnan has found the perfect woman for the job as she accommodated a woman into their family who is said to be one of her close friends. 

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