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Jake Gyllenhaal Dumps Taylor Swift Over The Phone

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift

Poor Taylor Swift not only rang in the New Year alone, but was reportedly dumped by Jake Gyllenhaal over the phone. Apparently the Grammy award winner wasn't deemed important enough for an in-person break up. You would think that Jake would make a little bit more of an effort, especially when ending things with a famous singer who notoriously writes about her ex-boyfriends. Taylor not only wrote "Forever & Always" about her relationship with Joe Jonas, who ended things with her her in a 27-second phone conversation, but she also belittled him publicly on SNL.

Although skeptics claimed Jake and Taylor's two month relationship was all a publicity stunt anyway, according to UsMagazine.com, Taylor, 21, is heartbroken. Celebitchy.com reported that Taylor has stopped eating, and spends all her time at the gym to ease her heartache.

The Love and Other Drugs star apparently couldn't handle their age difference (he's 9 years older) or the publicity.

"He said he wasn't feeling it anymore and was uncomfortable with all the attention they got," a source told UsMagazine.com. "He also said he could feel the age difference. Taylor is really upset. We told her not to move so fast with this but she didn't listen."

"Moving fast" meant that Taylor was even invited to spend Thanksgiving with the Gyllenhaals for some quality family bonding. And despite Jake's protests, he was the one who pursued her (through their agents, naturally).

We can't really blame Jake for being attracted to the talented singer, but he knew going in that she was much younger and less experienced. And of course the press would make a beeline for anyone Taylor dates (or Jake for that matter). But with a dating history that includes Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst, shouldn't Jake be used to all of the attention? Kirsten Dunst is So Over Her Ex, Jake Gyllenhaal

In any case, bad news for Taylor, but great news for her fans. If history is any indication, Taylor should release a new hit song within the year.