A Man Poured Soda On A Plane Passenger's "Smelly" Feet After She Kept Putting Them Under His Seat

We all have our limits, and his was his fellow plane passenger putting her smelly feet near him.

man pouring soda on plane passenger's smelly feet @danielgreen2426 / TikTok

A British man has stirred controversy for the way he dealt with a fellow airplane passenger who wouldn't stop putting her "smelly" feet in his space.

Air travel is basically a nightmare these days, and the way some passengers handle themselves often only makes it worse. But some thought the way he went about dealing with the situation also crossed a line.

The man retaliated against his fellow plane passenger's smelly feet when she wouldn't stop resting them in his space.

Space is at a premium — often literally — on planes, so when someone encroaches into what little real estate you're given, it's pretty infuriating. But it's even worse when it's done in a way that's just plane — er, plain — gross, and as seen in the video below, social media has become full of incidents in recent years of plane passengers behaving in weirdly gross ways, much of them foot-related. (Seriously what is with all the barefoot weirdness on planes? Why is everybody like this?!)


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So when British social media prankster Daniel Green, known on TikTok as @danielgreen2426, recently found himself sitting on a plane in front of a passenger who kept sticking her shoeless, smelly feet underneath his seat and into his space? He didn't stand for it and immediately fought right back.


Green poured soda on the plane passenger's smelly feet so she would move them — and it worked.



There are tons of ways he could have gone about this, of course, from kicking the feet to stomping on them — or if Green was feeling like making it weird, he could have tickled them. The possibilities are endless — including, you know, just asking her to move her feet, though of course you never know what that's going to get you nowadays.

Instead Green took his soda can and gently, slowly dripped out some liquid onto the woman's sock — not much, barely any at all, really, but just enough so that she'd feel some wetness. Her response was immediate. As he dripped a bit of the liquid out she began wiggling her toes, obviously having felt something and wondering what was going on. 

It took a couple of tries for Green to drip enough out to really get his fellow passenger's goat, but eventually, it worked. After several rounds of wiggling her toes, the woman's feet can be seen almost seeming to recoil back under the seat like a creature into its lair. Success! 


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People online got a good laugh out of Green's retaliation against the plane passenger's smelly feet.

Green's video generated so much controversy on TikTok that he shut down the comments entirely. On Facebook, however, Green got plenty of laughs with his soda retaliation, and many thought the woman absolutely deserved it. "Anyone who’s taking their shoes off and putting their feet near other people deserves to have their luggage misplaced," one person wrote. 

Others joked that they would have taken things even further. "Would of been my cup of coffee … oooopppps sorry," a man wrote, while another person said they would have "just accidentally (on purpose) stamp[ed] on the foot." 

Others felt his response was way out of line.

Not everyone saw the humor, however. "You’re supposed to put your stuff under the seat in front of you," one man chided. "That’s her space." Another Facebooker opted to be the voice of reason, writing, "could've just politely asked her to move her feet first."


That is probably the best way to handle these situations, as opposed to pouring your drink over someone's feet. But it's certainly easy to understand the impulse — because it's not just our perception that people on planes are getting ruder by the day.



Flight attendants have been reporting an uptick in ill-mannered passengers for years, and the International Air Travel Association reports a 61% increase in plane passenger increase from 2021 to 2022 — including a rise in incidents so serious they had to be referred to the FBI.

A plane passenger's smelly feet aren't exactly worthy of a federal case, of course. But still, it's not hard to understand why someone would want to get even with a passenger annoying them during an already deeply annoying experience. At the end of the day, this could have all been avoided by just staying in your own space — well, that and washing your feet, of course.


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