Woman Says Her Fiancé Signed Legal Contract Agreeing To Pay Her Bills If He Cheats On Her

She's not taking any chances.

Chaylene Martinez TikTok TikTok

A TikTok user has sparked debate after posting a video that her partner legally signed a document stating that if he cheats on her, he will have to pay her bills. 

Chaylene, who posts under the username @Salamiiqueen on TikTok, has amassed over 8 million views on a video discussing the official contract she had drawn up – with her fiancé’s consent – ahead of their wedding. 

The legal document stated that if the fiancé cheated, he would have to pay her bills.

Chaylene starts the video off by saying, “I have just reached a new level of crazy. I just made – well, I did not make, he did it out of his own free will – but my fiancé just signed a legal document and we got it notarized that if he cheats on me, he has to pay my bills.”


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Chaylene shows the document and the signatures, laughing at her creative plan.

“If he cheats on my he’s screwed. I’m so smart, or crazy, I don’t know.”


TikTok users applauded Chaylene for her forward-thinking and for doing what some women only wished they had done when it was already too late.

One user says “My kind of prenup, thank you for setting this precedent for me.”

“You've unlocked a part of the brain that not many people have access to,” said another viewer.

Another commented, “Can you send us a link to this pdf document.” 

But for others, the contract was a sign of some underlying issues in the relationship.

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“No trust already. Setting it up for failure,” read one comment while others chimed in with similar concerns about the precedent this would set. 


“If you feel like you need to do this then you don't need to get married,” another user argued.

Chaylene made a follow-up video to explain the conditions and document further.

“I do have some trust issues, I financially have been screwed over so many times,” she says, explaining that she is not going to make the same mistake twice.

“We are now engaged and we are doing things financially together,” she says, adding that because they are making accounts together, they were already drawing up legal documents to protect their assets. 

“I just want both of us to have our backs.”



Chaylene says her fiancé was the one who typed up their agreement and while he was doing it she happened to mention the cheating clause “as a joke.”


So, he decided to add it in which Chaylene says she found “romantic.”

“I am not crazy,” she jokes, “And even if a girl did want to do that who are you to say that they can’t because, guess what? People cheat all the time and girls waste their time.” 

You tell them, Chaylene!


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