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Woman's Husband Throws Water On Her To Make Her Change 'Revealing' Dress She Bought For A Wedding

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A woman who was looking forward to showing off a new dress she bought for her brother's wedding ended up coming to blows with her husband over her outfit choice.

The two argued before he took matters into his own hands in one of the cruelest ways possible. 

Her husband did not want her to wear the dress because it was 'too revealing.' 

The woman shared her story on Reddit's, r/TrueOffMyChest, an online space for people to share personal and intimate stories they do not wish to share with those close to them.  

She began by informing other Redditors that she and her husband were invited to her brother’s upcoming wedding. 

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She had her dress picked out for the special occasion — a knee-length dress with straps on the shoulder and back.

However, the woman’s husband was disapproving of her dress choice, since he believed it was “too revealing.” 

“I told him to relax and take it easy since the wedding was small and no strangers would be there,” the woman shared. “Besides, I thought the dress was fine not too revealing like he said.” 

Her husband continued to argue with her and urged her to change outfits but she refused. 

Before leaving for the wedding, he threw cold water on her dress. 

“He waited until I was wearing it then splashed water all over it,” the woman wrote. “I was in shock!” 

The woman added that the water got on her dress, in her hair, and on her face. 

As she began to cry, her husband, who was already dressed in his suit for the wedding, told the woman he’d be waiting for her in the car while she got changed. 

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“He didn't even apologize! Just kept ranting about how I ignored his feelings toward the dress and disrespected his opinion on it,” the woman wrote. 

She says she is still feeling “upset” and “devastated” by the situation. 

“We're not speaking and he thinks he did me a favor and kept my ‘dignity’ and from being called a wh–re,” she shared. 

The woman added that she is struggling to let her anger toward her husband go. 

Redditors offered the woman advice about how she should have handled the situation. 

“I’d wear the dripping wet dress to the wedding just to spite his insecure ass,” one user suggested. 

Others criticized his concerning behavior. 

“It's not insecure, it's controlling. It would be insecure if he just voiced that he thought the dress was too revealing,” one user commented.  “I bet you this isn't the only incident where thinks he has a right to make her do whatever he wants.” 

Looking back on this in ten years, you will either think: ‘that's the moment I knew it was over,’ or ‘that's the moment I should have known it was over, why didn't I see it?.’ Your call,” another user wrote. 

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