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Girl & Boy Wear Same 'Revealing' Outfit To School To Test Their School's Unequal Dress Code

Photo: @drooscroo / TikTok
Drew Jarding, TikTok

Two high school students made the bold decision to wear the same style of outfits to classes to point out the "sexist" dress code the school enforces.

The results proved their hypothesis correct, exposing the unequal way in which their school's dress code was enforced.

By wearing the same outfit, the students proved girls get dress-coded more than boys.

In the TikTok video that received 2.7 million likes, Drew Jarding (@drooscroo) and fellow high school classmate Kenzie Crimmins (@kenziecrimmins) were both wearing cropped shirts to school.

Their intention was to highlight the sexism of the school’s dress code, and they anticipated that only Kenzie would be reprimanded for her outfit.

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“Dressing the same to school to show how dress codes are sexist,” Drew wrote in a textpost over the video.

Both of the students’ tops reveal their midsections, except Drew’s top is much more revealing than Kenzie’s.

The video documents the two going about their school day sitting in class, walking through the hallways, and even recording themselves posing with another female student in a cropped top in the library, where Drew claims they were “in front of like five teachers” while doing so.

It appears that most of the school day passes without either of the students being punished for violating the dress code.

However, toward the end of the day, only one of them faces consequences for their outfit.

Only Kenzie was reprimanded for her violating the school’s dress code.

As Kenzie and Drew are leaving the school building for the day, Drew reveals that Kenzie was scolded for her outfit.

“They wrote her up!!!” Drew wrote in a textpost as Kenzie presents the pink ticket she received from school staff for violating the dress code.

Drew, however, was not given a ticket nor written up.

“They really wrote @kenziecrimmins up and didn’t say anything to me,” Drew captioned the video.

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Many TikTokers agreed with Drew and Kenzie that their school’s dress code was sexist.

“Hers [Kenzie’s shirt] was literally a tiny sliver and yours was a whole torso. This says it all,” one user commented.

“The way you had so much more skin showing this infuriated me,” another user shared.

One teacher-to-be revealed that she planned to do away with punishing students for breaking the outdated and sexist dress code for her future students.

“As a future teacher, I refuse to ever write up a student for something like that. Literally, the only thing I would be concerned about is if something is a safety hazard and that’s more because I just want my students to be safe,” she wrote.

The students’ video brought attention to the current dress codes enforced in schools and the importance of updating them.

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