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Police Respond To ‘December 17’ School Shooting Threat That Is Circulating On TikTok

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TikTok is no stranger to odd and dangerous trends — the “devious licks” trend happened just this year and encouraged students everywhere to vandalize school property just for fake internet points.

However, this new viral trend isn’t quite like that and is much more disturbing than “devious licks,” involving schools across the country and rumors that can’t be substantiated.

TikToks are circulating about threats of gun violence in schools on ‘December 17.’

As the aftermath of Ethan Crumbley’s Oxford School shooting is still being felt and he and his family are facing trial, videos are popping up all over TikTok talking about potential threats to schools across the country, all happening on December 17th.

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Parents are concerned about their children’s safeties and the validity of these claims considering the previous threats schools have faced this year.

The origin of the trend is unknown, but what the rumor basically says is that there will be an array of school shootings across the U.S. on the mentioned date and that people should be aware of the threats.

Citrus Country School District in Florida made a post on Facebook about the trend and mentioned that they are aware of the rumors and have been in contact with the police.

“We’ve been made aware of a TikTok threat circulating social media nationally regarding gun violence at schools,” said the post.

“Specifically, the viral threat focuses on a shooting at a school on Friday, December 17th. It seems this social media threat is being seen in school districts across the country and state. At this time, the origins of this threat are unknown.”

They continued and explained that they’re monitoring the situation closely and, as always, are in contact with authorities in case anything happens.

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“We want to remind all students and parents when you see a threat, please REPORT IT, DO NOT REPOST IT,” they requested. “Simply reposting a threat serves no purpose other than adding to the fear and uncertainty of the situation.”

Police have assured parents there is no real threat. 

7News On Your Side near Washtington, D.C. has contacted several law enforcement agencies and school districts in the area in order to see if they were aware of the growing concerns.

"Not much to report here. It was news to us,” reported Frederick County in Maryland. “But we’ll collaborate with our local police agencies and update the community as warranted."

"Law enforcement agencies have investigated this threat and determined that it originated in Arizona and is not credible,” Baltimore County reported. “We want to continue to encourage members of Team BCPS to report suspicious or threatening activities or postings. We appreciate your partnership as we work to keep students and staff safe."

Regardless of reassurances from law enforcement agencies and school districts, parents and students are both concerned about the threats and have expressed that they would be staying home.

What is important is that if you become aware of any threat of gun violence, report it to your local law enforcement immediately.

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