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‘You Will Get Shot': Oxford High Student Shares Alleged Threats That Made Him Stay Home Ahead Of Shooting

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Oxford High School

As authorities scramble for information about the events leading up to a school shooting at Oxford High School, social media users have been pointing to alleged threats from earlier this month.

The Oakland County Sheriff said three students were killed and six others have been injured after a shooting took place inside the Michigan high school.

A 15-year-old suspect is in custody and has invoked his right to remain silent. 

Online, those familiar with the school have criticized the school for allegedly ignoring threats and concerns leading up to the shooting. 

An Oxford High School student says threats were made online ahead of the shooting.

Many Oxford High School students appear to have had concerns for their safety before the shooting. 

One student, who spoke to the media after the shooting, says that he and several friends stayed at home on the day of the incident due to threats that had been circulating online. 

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He said there was an eerie feeling amongst his fellow students.

The boy’s mother reportedly told the media that an explicit threat was issued to students online that read: “If you come to school today, you will get shot.” 

“They haven’t got this under control,” his mother, Robin, said while insisting that she will not be allowing her son to go back to school. 

The student also spoke of a previous incident that took place a month prior, in which the school was vandalized.

A deer head was thrown into an Oxford High School courtyard. 

Earlier in November, OHS administrators sent out a message to parents and guardians of students to address “rumors” circulating around the school. 

“We want parents to know that there has been no threat to our building nor to our students,” the statement reads. 

The statement stresses that misinterpretations of rumors and social media posts had arisen unnecessary concerns about student safety but no details about these alleged threats were given.

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This statement was issued shortly after a student threw a severed deer head into the high school’s courtyard. 

Another statement from the school confirms that a student climbed on top of the school building and left graffiti spray painted on the school's walls. 

Several social media users who claim to be aware of the incident have stressed that this student is not the student in custody after the shooting. 

The Oxford High School shooting is still being investigated.

Right now, authorities are working to ensure student safety and connect students and faculty with their families. 

Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe says the first of 100 calls to 911 came at 12:51 p.m. when authorities immediately rushed to the scene.

The suspect reportedly did not resist arrest when officers arrived on the scene. McCabe said he asked for an attorney and would offer no details regarding a possible motive.

Parents were alerted that an emergency was occurring at the school at around 1 p.m. but were urged not to come to the school.

At around 2 p.m. medical helicopters landed in the parking lot of the school while a secondary search was being conducted around the perimeter of the school.

After a lockdown was lifted, students were sent to the Meijer parking lot across the street from the school.

Students were also being released at this time while dozens of ambulances arrived. 

The victims of the tragic shooting have not yet been publicly identified. 

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