Theme Park Nanny Hired By Parents Who Need Extra Help On Their Vacations Opens Up About Her Job

She's a real-life Mary Poppins!

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A “theme park nanny” is probably a term you’ve never heard of before.

However, the definition is pretty self-explanatory.

A theme park nanny will help take care of your kids while you're at the amusement park together.

Most families who hire these nannies do so when they need an additional set of hands.

An additional set of hands isn't the only benefit of hiring a theme park nanny, as the founder of one of these businesses explains.


She decided to take to TikTok in order to share her experience working with families in theme parks and what her job consisted of.

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The theme park nanny’s role is to provide assistance to families with multiple children to make their trips less stressful.

Cyan Nardiello is the CEO of a childcare business she launched herself called “Once Upon a Nanny LLC.”

Through her official website, parents can book her services and have her accompany their families on their vacations to theme parks.


In a TikTok video viewed over 300,000 times, Nardiello explains how crucial her job really is.



“We live locally and we go into the theme parks to help the family with whatever they need,” she says.

“A lot of people who book this service have multiple children… having an extra set of eyes and hands is always really good at a busy and super crowded place like theme parks.”


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In addition to families with multiple children, Nardiello says that her services are beneficial to single parents traveling with children.

Since the children’s ages and heights in families vary, Nardiello shares that as a theme park nanny, she could stay behind with the younger children who don’t meet the height requirements for certain rides so that the rest of the family could go on.

She reveals a photo of herself with six young children and explains that the children’s parents went to ride “The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror,” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios while she looked after them.


“This is also a great option for my parents who love to drink around the world,” Nardiello says.

“Drinking Around the World” is a popular event for adults at Disney’s EPCOT theme park, where guests can sample different alcoholic drinks from various countries.

Nardiello also shares that she can take younger children on age-appropriate rides while families are on the more thrilling rides with their older children or vice versa.

“We know how to keep children entertained, obviously in the park but also verbally, playing sight games…you’d be surprised on how entertained they could be if they just have a simple conversation,” she says.


Nardiello’s services are not limited to theme parks.

Her company also provides babysitting for families who need to leave children behind at hotels, whether they are going on a date night or want to stay at the parks past the kiddos' bedtime.

“It’s the most fun job ever, the kids have so much fun, we have so much fun, and it’s so magical every night,” Nardiello says.

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TikTok users and parents loved the idea of Nardiello’s theme park nanny services — but some had negative responses.

Users questioned why parents are unable to care for their own kids or whether the service was worth it.


However, judging by the many single parents, parents with disabilities and people wanting a more relaxing theme park trip who praised Nardiello, it seems like theme park nannies are a vital service.

“I just went to Disneyland in March by myself and my three kids. This would have been amazing when I had to use the bathroom or food runs,” one mother commented.

“Oh my god I wish I would have thought about this when we went to Disney this would have made the trip actually fun for us too!” another user wrote.




“This sounds like an amazing job, and amazing for the kids and families too!” another user added.

Nardiello’s theme park nanny services provide more than just childcare assistance and an extra set of eyes and hands.

They give families a lifetime's worth of experiences and memories.

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