Nanny Shares 5 Things Parents Should Know If They Want Their Kids’ Caretaker To Stick Around

Your kids deserve the best!

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For nannies, dealing with kids all day might sound like the toughest part of the job but dealing with parents might be even more complicated.

According to a nanny on TikTok, parents often struggle to keep their kids' caretakers happy, leading to high turnover rates.

Braonain is sharing her suggestions, based on her own experience as a nanny, that could help parents find a nanny who sticks with them.


Here are 5 tips for parents on how they can treat their nannies right.

Braonain explained that these tips can be quite important for parents who have caregivers for their children or are thinking of getting one.

As a nanny's job is to take care of their children, the parents have a responsibility of making sure their work conditions are worthwhile.

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1. “Pay your nanny on time.”

Going back on her experience, Braonain explained how important paying your nanny on time is.


It seems she has had problems with this point as she questioned why some parents don’t pay their nannies on time as they are someone who takes care of their kids all day.

2. “A lot of nannies prefer a consistent schedule.”

Just like any other job, a nanny would also like a consistent work schedule so they can have a work-life balance.

Braonain claimed that her schedule isn’t perfect but mostly stays consistent and she prefers the stability of her schedule as she has many things going on in her life.

3. “Pay your nanny a fair rate.”

Braonain stressed the fact that they are a person who watches someone else's kids all day so parents should pay them a fair wage.


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“A lot of families will try to low-ball you and do not have a nanny if cannot afford to have one,” the TikToker added.

4. “Nanny families who ask what kind of snacks you like.”

While this one isn’t as important as the other tips, nannies wouldn’t mind having their favorite snacks in the house while they are watching kids all day long.

Parents don’t have to keep track of the nannies’ preferred food but doing this will make them feel welcomed at their workplace.

The TikToker explained, “Those are the kind of families you want to work for because they are looking out for you.”


5. “Have a nanny contract.”

While Braonain doesn’t have a contract with every family she has worked for, she suggested that it’s a good idea to have one so both the family and the nanny can have their terms and conditions set out.

The TikToker has shared these tips for parents in the hope that they will realize how important it is for nannies to be treated right. In another video, the TikToker has shed light on how much they have to suffer because of poor treatment from parents.



"I feel like most parents don't even realize how much we're suffering from their own doing. You have to remember that nannies are coming into your home to help you," she explained.


Because of poor work conditions, Braonain has quit her job numerous times but has faced heartbreaks while doing so.

"Walking away from children because of the parents is one the hardest things I've had to do," she said.

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