A Mom's Heartbeat Inside Of A Teddy Bear Is The Only Thing That Will Calm A Grieving Baby When She Cries

A mother's love lasts forever even after she is long gone.

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A mother’s love is forever, even after they are long gone.

A bittersweet video of a baby girl listening to her late mother’s heartbeat proves that her mom will always be there in spirit to comfort her, even if she can no longer physically be present.

A recording of the mother’s heartbeat was placed inside a teddy bear and is the only thing that calms her fussy baby. 

In a TikTok video that has received over 6,000 views, the baby girl’s mother’s sister, Aunt Lula, demonstrates what happens when she allows her niece to hold the teddy bear with her mother’s heartbeat. At the beginning of the video, Lula holds the crying baby with one arm as she reaches for the bear with the other. “She’s crying 'cause she wants her bear,” she explains. “Her bear holds her mother’s heart.”


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The white teddy bear is placed against the baby girl’s cheek, and she instantly stops crying and falls asleep against her aunt’s chest at the sound of her late mother’s heartbeat. “That’s the only way she’ll stop [crying],” Lula says. “It’s so amazing.”


She takes a few moments to rock her sleeping niece and her bear in her arms. “My sister passed away… and her daughter knows her heartbeat,” Lula captioned her video. 

Other TikTok users were overcome with emotions. “This is so sad but beautiful at the same time,” one user commented. “I am so sorry for your loss and this story just watching the video has me in tears. I will continue praying for you you all and you are beautiful,” another user shared.

“She heard it for nine months and is connected to it. Sending love your way,” another user wrote. “Please don’t ever let her lose that bear. You’re a great Auntie,” another user added. 

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Even though infants do not understand death, they may still experience feelings of grief.

They may display signs of anxiety in behavioral changes such as increased crying and clinging to their caregivers. They also fail to realize that death is permanent and believe that their deceased loved ones will eventually return. It is important for them to have mementos left behind by their late loved ones to make the transition to life without them easier on them. 

Although the mother’s cause of death has been unconfirmed, it is clear that her baby girl loved her endlessly. A heartbreaking video depicts her singing to her fussy daughter, who is instantly soothed by her voice. 



The baby girl is now being taken care of by her Aunt Lula, who appears to love her just as much as her mother did. Video clips demonstrate the two eating dinner and dancing together as they both adjust to their new normal




Although the baby girl will no longer be able to grow up with her mother, she will always be able to carry around her favorite teddy bear with her and forever have a reminder of her mother’s love. 

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