Teacher Wants Student Removed From His Class Because The Kid's Parents Don't Approve Of His Marriage

He worries that he may be punishing the innocent student.

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A teacher called in a student’s parents to have a conference about his behavior in class. However, he realized he had more pressing issues to deal with after the student’s parents filed a complaint against him to the school for his “inappropriate behavior in the classroom.” 

Now, he is considering having the student removed from his class. 

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The parents did not approve of the teacher’s marriage and reported him to the school. 

Sharing his story on the subreddit thread, r/amITheA–hole, the 28-year-old man sought the advice of other Redditors, asking if he was making the right decision by removing the student from his class after the experience with his parents. 

He began his post by revealing that he teaches an art class at a school in a small town. Recently, he had a student enroll in his class after he transferred from home-schooling. 

“He's a great kid, he has already fit right in with the class and he does really great work,” he shared. 


The only issue with the student is his habit of leaving class without asking to use the restroom. 

“I'm not the strict ‘everything needs to be my way’ kind of teacher, but the administration has a very strict policy for students outside of classrooms during class periods,” the man explained. 

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He decided to call the student’s parents to have a discussion about his habit and what they could do to ensure he would not get into trouble with the administration. 

Everything was going well during their conversation until the student’s parents noticed a framed picture of the teacher and his husband on his desk. 


“They asked who it was and I was honest, it has never been an issue before,” he wrote. 

He never expected the school to later inform him that the parents reported him for “inappropriate behavior in the classroom” due to the photo. 

“Mind you I do not talk about my husband in class, I am there to teach, not preach,” the teacher claimed. 

While the school administration is supporting him, the man is feeling uneasy after receiving rude emails from the student’s parents who do not wish him to expose his “disgusting lifestyle” to their son. 

The teacher wants the student removed from his class because of his parents’ attitude toward his marriage. 

“I may be the a–hole here because as good of a student as he is I just no longer feel comfortable with him in my class,” he wrote. 


While he acknowledges that it would not be fair to the student since there are no other art classes in the school, he is also being subjected to unfair treatment. 

 “It also is not fair to me to be called things like a groomer, and accused of working in a school to ‘corrupt innocent minds with [my] filth,” he wrote. 

The man added that the student’s parents demanded that he be fired and replaced. 

Redditors supported the man’s decision to have the student removed from the class. 

“I'm sorry you had to deal with that, and I'm sorry for the kid too,” one user wrote. “Not your fault to distance yourself from the parents. You need to look after your own well-being and safety.” 


“You need to protect yourself here,” another user commented. 

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“The parents made it clear they are going to antagonize you until he is removed, you'll both be happier,” another user shared. 

Others offered suggestions that the man could take to protect himself. 

“I would recommend that you make sure that you are never alone with the child in case his parents try to claim that you engaged in inappropriate behavior,” one user recommended. “If the child wants to speak with you alone, make sure the principal or another teacher is present.” 


“Not sure where you teach or if you are part of a Union. If you are, seek their counsel and support. If not, it may be time to retain a lawyer for counsel,” another user wrote. 

“You might want to get the police involved too,” another added. 

Other users expressed their sympathies for the student who is in an unfortunate situation. 

“You having him removed from your class is taking away a fantastic opportunity for growth for him,” one user commented. 


“I feel so sad and sorry for that poor little boy,” another user shared. 

Thankfully, the teacher followed up with Redditors and revealed that he plans to talk to a lawyer. He and his husband are also moving “somewhere bluer” when the school year is over. 

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