Mom Confronts School Staff After They Duct-Taped Her Daughter's Skin Because She Violated The Dress Code

These dress codes are getting out of hand.

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When a mother received a phone call from her daughter’s school informing her that she was violating the dress code, she was shocked to learn how school administrators dealt with the situation. 

Taking to TikTok, the furious mom shared the cruel and painful punishment her teenager was subjected to. 

The school placed duct tape on her daughter’s legs after her jeans went against dress code policies. 

In a video that has been viewed over 3 million times, mom Shana recorded the moment she confronted her daughter, Emma’s, school upon learning of the inhumane disciplinary action. 


As the mama bear marches through the school doors after picking up her daughter, she is heard asking, “who was it?” demanding to know who exactly taped Emma’s legs. 

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She approaches the front desk, where she asks the individual sitting behind it, “did you think it was acceptable to put duct tape on my daughter’s skin?” 


The individual can be heard telling the mother that it was a “policy.”

“It’s a policy to put duct tape on a child’s skin?” Shana presses. 

She includes a photograph of the outfit her daughter was wearing that violated the dress code, with red duct tape pasted over holes in her ripped jeans that expose her upper thighs. 

In the video’s caption, the mother asked others if she was overreacting or if her reaction was justified. 

“I feel the school should’ve called me if they needed her to change her pants. We never had an issue with a dress code before,” she shared. “The cheerleader uniforms are shorter than this.” 

She added that her daughter was “humiliated” by the incident, and suffers from eczema and the tape was irritating her sensitive skin. 


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Other TikTok users came to Shana’s defense. 

“Dress code or not, you call the parents and tell them to bring a change of clothes. You don’t put tape on someone’s child!” one user commented. 

“The issue isn’t whether or not she was in the dress code, it’s that they put duct tape on her without giving her the choice to call home for new clothes instead,” another user pointed out. 



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“Unacceptable for a school to do that,” another user wrote. 

“I would 100% take legal action if possible,” another suggested. 

In a follow-up video, Shana clarified that her anger had nothing to do with the fact that her daughter violated the dress code and the school made her aware of it. It was how they handled it that was the problem. 

“She didn’t wear them [the jeans] to school purposely knowing that she was violating the dress code,” she says. “She’s worn them to school for two years and she used to wearing them.” 

Shana realized that her daughter was not the only student subjected to this punishment. Upon further investigation, she learned that schools across the country had been duct-taping students’ exposed skin when they violated the dress code. 




When one TikTok user called the mother out for failing to comply with the school’s dress code in the policy handbook, she was quick to point out that there was no evidence in school policies that allowed administrators to place duct tape on a student’s skin if they violated the dress code. 

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The mother also called out the hypocrisy of the school not contacting her to bring her daughter a change of clothes, yet immediately get in touch with her whenever she is absent from school. 


She shared a screenshot of one of Emma’s teachers reaching out to her, asking why she did not attend class one day. When it came to her needing a change of clothes, Shana received no notifications. 



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