Parents Concerned About Teacher With Prosthetic Chest Teaching Kids — But School District Is Defending Her

The district is shutting down the backlash.

trans teacher with large fake breasts Catchup News/TikTok

Despite an onslaught of outrage from concerned parents, a Canadian school board has decided to support a trans teacher who went viral due to her prosthetic breasts.

Kayla Lemieux, an industrial arts teacher at Trafalgar High School in Oakville, Canada is about a year into her transition.

The problem began when photos of the woodshop teacher, wearing tight blouses with large prosthetic breasts were shared online.


The transgender teacher was ridiculed online over photos of her prosthetic chest.

Students took several pictures of Lemieux wearing various form-fitting outfits sharing them in post that caused outrage among parents and the general public.

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According to the Toronto Sun, some students have allegedly skipped classes led by the teacher, citing concerns after she began transitioning. However, the Halton School Board has stated that they are "standing behind" Lemieux.


“I do know there have been phone calls made to the school that haven’t been the most pleasant in nature,” Halton District School Board Chair Margo Shuttleworth told the Toronto Sun.

The board was “creating a safety plan” for the teacher to “make sure she is protected” as they prepare to face protests at the school.

Protecting “gender rights” is “the stance the school board is taking and they are standing behind the teacher,” Shuttleworth told the local paper.

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Shuttleworth also defended the teacher, expressing disappointment about how she has been treated.


“This teacher is an extremely effective teacher. All the kids really love being in the class,” she added.

As for the teacher, she has yet to respond to any requests for comment on the matter, seemingly preferring to remain quiet and let this storm of attention blow over.



Despite the controversy surrounding Lemieux, students do understand that the school has a duty to protect the rights of the teacher.


One student was quoted as saying, “I don’t think the school can fire.”

Another student said, “The kids here most definitely don’t think it’s normal … but realistically we can’t say anything.”

Employment attorney, Sunira Chaundhri, deemed the teacher’s attire “unprofessional” and “clownish”, observing that Lemieux is making a mockery of gender rights versus advancing them.

She is not alone in her assessment. Anthony Fury, the Toronto Sun’s op-ed editor, believes the story has gone viral because the way Lemieux is dressing is “completely inappropriate” and there should be concern.


While the teacher's story is definitely being met with transphobia online, many have pointed out that this would be inappropriate attire for any teacher or any gender.

Nevertheless, the school board has vowed to create a safety plan for Lemieux, ensuring she is protected and able to continue teaching, in spite of the ongoing protests.

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