Server Says She Was Confronted By Her Manager & Almost Fired At Job She 'Just Started' Over Her 'Miserable' Face

She can't help her facial expressions.

Cecelia Fales, server talking to customer TikTok / El Nariz / Shutterstock

A woman was left shocked after her manager threatened to let her go because of her facial expressions while she was working.

In a TikTok video, Cecelia Fales, who works as a server at a restaurant, explained that after recently being hired, she was taken aback to learn that her personality was apparently not a good fit for the position, despite being an overall good employee.

Fales says her boss confronted her and threatened to let her go because of her 'miserable' face.

In Fales' video, which has boasted over two million views, she informed viewers that she thought she may be fired from her server job, and revealed that throughout her life, she had never been fired from a job before.


"Since the age of 15, I've had several jobs and I've never been fired, so I find this funny," she began.

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During her most recent shift, right before clocking out, Fales recalled that her manager had come up to her and told her they needed to talk. Immediately, Fales shared that her nerves shot up at the serious tone of her boss.


"She pulls me far away from all of my coworkers, and I was like, 'Now you're really giving me anxiety, am I getting fired?' I was laughing, like there's no way," she continued.

Her boss had pulled her aside to tell Fales that her face "looked so miserable" while she was working. It had gotten to the point where Fales' manager had started thinking that maybe she "wasn't a good fit" as a server.

In a survey conducted by a digital education company called Hyper Island with 500 business leaders, 78% cited "personality" as the most desirable quality in an employee. The other top traits were found to be "driven," "creative," and "open-minded."

After personality, according to the survey, the most important quality was "cultural alignment," which is "those who make decisions based on values shared with their organization."


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For Fales, though, she wasn't quite sure how to react to hearing her own personality wasn't a great fit for her place of employment. "I didn't know what to say," Fales admitted.

She proceeded to profusely apologize for her expressions and assured her boss that she wasn't miserable while doing her job. "I told her that I knew I had a resting b-ch face, but I didn't realize I looked that awful at work."

Fales even said that while she's at work, she has to constantly remember to raise her eyebrows and fix her face into a pleasant and welcoming expression for patrons that come into the restaurant. Fales acknowledged that if she doesn't, she'll look like the "meanest human being alive."


"I look like I have a raging attitude when in actuality my face is just chilling," she said. "Anyway, I guess we'll see if I get fired today for having an ugly face at work."

Despite the hilarious reasoning, Fales promised that she doesn't mind if she is fired since it was a minimum-wage job and it wouldn't be a "big deal."

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In the comments section, other TikTok users shared similar experiences of being fired because of their personalities.

"I was fired from an animal hospital [at] the beginning of January because my personality wasn't 'bubbly' enough for them," one user wrote.


Fales, who shared that she wasn't fired from her server job after all, responded to the comment, writing, "That’s basically what I was getting [threatened] with. Like, I’m sorry I’m not fake enough."

"I came into work once without makeup on (I was sick & had just found out I was pregnant lol) and they threatened to fire me bc that was 'unacceptable,'" another user shared.

A third user wrote, "I had my university supervisor & 'boss' for my internship tell me I looked 'miserable' too… [people] need to realize it’s just our resting face."


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