Woman Says She Was Reported To HR For Being 'Mean To Herself' At Work

She was told to be nicer to herself.

Laura Zam TikTok

When an employee is called into an HR meeting at their job, they usually expect the reason to be something serious.

However, one woman, Laura Zam, experienced the complete opposite after hearing that she had been reported to her superiors over how she spoke about herself while in the office.

Laura Zam says she was reported to HR for being 'mean to herself' at work.

In a TikTok video, Zam revealed that someone, presumably one of her coworkers, had reported her to the HR office at her company because she was being too self-deprecating.


"So, someone reported me to HR today for being too mean to myself," Zam shared.

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Since she was reported, Zam was required to go into a meeting with the HR department, where she "assumed that I'll have to apologize to myself."


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In a follow-up video, Zam explained what happened at her meeting with HR.

"I'm the girl who was called into HR to apologize to herself, here's the update."

She explained that the entire incident isn't about her current place of employment, but rather a job she had previously that she ended up leaving.



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Zam continued, saying that she was called into a room for the meeting, and an "HR person" she had never met prior to being reported. While in the meeting, Zam said the HR employee pulled out a list of all the rude things she had said about herself and read them verbatim back to Zam.

"She just read me a list of insults that I had been overheard saying," she said incredulously, adding that one of the things the HR employee read was, "Did you say, 'you b--ch, you stupid f--king b--ch, how dare you think you can be here?'" 

Some of the other phrases on the list included quotes from movies that Zam had used against herself.

When she was done reading the list, the HR employee told Zam that in the future, she "needed to be [nicer]" and "forgive" herself.


"I was like, 'yeah, I know, you and my therapist both agree,'" she joked. "So, if you're going to hate yourself, you gotta do it quieter at work."

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Many people found the incident hilarious and pointed out that Zam should've been offered a better solution.

"Not sure if this is offered at your job, but sometimes if you are feeling mental distress your job will pay for a certain about of therapy sessions," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user added, "Literally none of her business. That would make me flip a table."


"We should be friends because my manager also reported me to HR for not being nice to myself," a third user wrote.

A fourth user pointed out, "two people at my old work won't be in a room with me because of my self-deprecating jokes. I made a total of 2 in front of them."

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