People Warn Woman She's About To 'Learn A Tough Lesson' After She Posts Video Of Her Boyfriend And Best Friend 'Fighting Like Siblings'

People called out the various "red flags" they noticed in her short clip.

Boyfriend and best friend fighting on TikTok @courtneyebeling / TikTok

A video posted by a woman named Courtney (@courtneyebeling) captured clips of her boyfriend and her best friend. The clip showed the two of them often play-fighting, laughing, and running around.

It initially seemed like a harmless and silly video with no cruel intentions, but the more people watched, the more they noticed things might not be as they seem.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their own personal relationships. Nobody should let people online deter them from the person they find themselves to be with. But in some circumstances, it turns out to be plain negligence.


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The woman was warned that her boyfriend might be cheating after posting a video of him and her best friend.

In the video, Courtney placed some text over what was happening, which read “POV ur boyfriend and bestfriend fight like siblings” and captured the two playing around with one another. In every clip, the two were fighting, slightly pushing each other, chasing the other around — behavior that is considered normal in a sibling rivalry.

But instead of being a funny, silly video like Courtney may have thought, the comments completely backfired on her, with people writing comments such as “everybody knows...” and "who gonna tell her."




Clearly, people in the comments believe that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, as this scenario is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. 

One comment addressed that they could never deal with the backlash this video received, by saying, "Bro imagine posting this and [everyone's] just 'It’s a canon event.' I would never recover." They reference a key concept in the new 2023 movie "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," in which "canon events" mean a tragic but important event that is supposed to happen for character development.

Courtney responded in defense of herself to this comment by writing, “Ain’t that hard when I’m secure in my relationship.” Courtney’s TikTok blew up and received 24.7 million views. The video was reposted to Twitter, where people have been thinking and saying similar phrases.


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Twitter users warned the TikToker that she is in for a rude awakening, but she isn't listening. 

The playful nature between Courtney's boyfriend and her best friend is incredibly intense and by most relationship standards — judging by the blowback — they'd be considered too close.

Some users wrote, “Man, this girl is about to learn a tough lesson. She refuses to see what everyone else can,” assuming that maybe there's a sense of denial on Courtney's part. Who would want to think that they're being cheated on with their best friend?

Others mentioned their own experiences by writing, “I can confirm there’s more going on, I’ve done the same.” It’s clear that the majority of viewers believe that there is some suspicious stuff going on and Courtney may end up getting hurt. 


Regardless of what people on social media are saying, Courtney posted a follow-up video showing off just how little she seems to care about everyone's warnings.



The caption for the video reads, "Today I learned the internet is more insecure about ur relationship than you are wbu?" Courtney takes a clear shot at the people online who she thinks should be minding their own business.

In the short 22-second clip, she stands around unbothered before being joined by her boyfriend and they start acting cute together. Despite the fun and innocent appearance, people in the comments were, again, quick to continue their roasts and jokes.


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