Man Pretends He's Cheating On His Wife By Sending Her A Suspicious Text But Her Reaction Is Devastating

This probably isn't the reaction he expected, but it's the one he got.

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We’ve seen all of the cheating pranks there are to see. Fake doll in bed? Check. Fake texts from your side piece? Check. Today’s prank is not unlike any other, except, the woman’s reaction was not one that we expected to see and broke the hearts of many online.

Under the TikTok account “@QandKiya,” Q decided he wanted to prank his wife after dropping her off at the local pet store by sending her a fake text message that was meant for someone else.


She pretended that she never got the text message that was meant for someone else.

Instead of confronting her man about the text message and maybe getting angry with him about cheating on her, her reaction was a complete flip from what anyone could have expected.

“She really was not having it,” reads the caption in the video, but that doesn’t cover the full story. “The overlaid text reads “Dropping her off then texting her ‘I just dropped her off I’m on my way’ to see her reaction,” letting viewers know what the prank was.

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Q was parked outside of their local PetSmart, recording Kiya walking up to the storefront. Kiya stopped just before entering the doors, reading the text message she received on her phone, and did a complete 180, running back to the car that her husband was sitting in.

“Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind. I’m going to just stay with you. I don’t need anything from the pet store anymore, I’ll just stay with you,” she said, repeating herself after her husband’s confused responses.

Kiya, donning a blue hoodie that reads “more self-love,” then starts to act really kind to Q, saying “We can do whatever you want. Do you want me to go buy you those new Jordans that you wanted?”


“Huh?” Q asks, prompting Kiya to give him the same response. “You want the new Jordans that you wanted? Or do you want the PS5, which one?” She seems to be out of breath and rushing when she’s asking these questions, and it’s not from the short run she just did.

Without waiting for a response from her husband, she says “I’m just going to stay with you for the rest of the day, that’s all.”

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She continues being nice to him before confronting him, just not about the message.

“We can do whatever you want, what do you want? You want me to cook for you tonight? I could do Red Lob— I could do lobster, potato, corn, rice,” she says, finally catching a breath. 


The entire time they’ve been having this conversation, Q has said close to nothing and Kiya continues to play with her hair and has shaky breath and seems to be very nervous about something, finally confronting him to ease her mind if even just a little bit.

“You’re being very nice,” Q says, leading Kiya to say “Are we okay? Are you okay?” Confused, he asks her why she’s asking him that, to which she responds “I’m just asking, like, are we on good terms here?” He confirms that they are, and she says “Okay then.”

When he asks her why she ran back to the car, hoping that she would maybe reveal that she had received the fake text he sent, she just continues to pretend that nothing else was wrong and that something was just telling her to spend the day with him.

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People online were deeply saddened by her response.

“I'm a man and felt bad for her, that's how you know [she's] in love and she's very humble,” the top comment read. “I would have told her it was a prank and remarried her.” Someone else wrote, “D--n you got a good one, stop playing with that woman,” referring to playing with her emotions by pranking her like this.

Many comments were written in a similar vein, with people claiming how heartbroken they were by the fact that she never even confronted him about the message. Other people claimed that it might have been a skit, but were combatted with arguments that the way she sounded and looked was way too real for it to have been faked.



Judging by their joint TikTok account, it looks like they play pranks on each other frequently, so the consequences can’t be all that bad. Q even claims that she had initially started the texting prank in a separate video.


Whatever the case, their relationship is theirs and doesn’t belong to the 30,000+ people that commented. Maybe pranking is their love language, just keep it away from me.

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