Georgia Cop Allegedly Caught Using N-Word & Throwing Away Camera Evidence

They threw her Ring camera into the bushes.

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that it is investigating the claims made by a West Point local that several West Point Police officers operated in an inappropriate manner and used offensive language targeted toward Black people while at her home.

Footage was taken from a Ring security camera and shows several police officers outside of a home — one can be seen talking to another officer off-screen, while another one approaches and throws away a separate Ring camera from the property.


The Georgia local said that the officer used the n-word while at her home.

Tomeshia Madden, the woman who lives in the home, revealed to FOX 5 Atlanta that she no longer feels comfortable living in West Point after she heard what the officer said on the Ring footage.

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In the 2-minute long video, you can see a police officer standing towards the left of the frame, talking to another officer who is outside of the viewable area, and a third officer approaching from a vehicle on the road.

Madden claims that she heard an officer say “all these f---ing n-----s have cameras in this neighborhood."


Then, the Ring footage shows an officer tossing one of her Ring cameras into a nearby bush, which Madden and her attorney believe was a move to conceal evidence.

"You're supposed to serve and protect, but you're calling me out of my name and destroying my property," Madden said.

Madden posted the footage on Facebook on August 8, 2022, for everyone to see, and it has received over 38,000 views and hundreds of comments from people who are disgusted with the behavior that the West Point Police officers showed.

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“Go have him arrested right now,” wrote one user under her post. “They need to fire every cop that was on scene!” wrote another.


Many people encouraged her to take legal action, bring it up to the police chief, the mayor, and hire a lawyer in order to fight back against the officers.

The mother confirmed that she’s already looking for a new city to live in.

The GBI confirmed that it was one of their officers and that they were executing a warrant on Madden’s son, but they haven’t confirmed much else aside from their investigation.

"It is not appropriate for public officials to make racially derogatory terms during their duties," Madden’s Attorney Wendell Major said.

Major has worked for law enforcement for more than three decades and is now chief for the Tarrant, Alabama police department — he claims situations like these erode the community trust in law enforcement.


"Young Black men are accused often throughout our country and have to have evidence that they didn't do anything wrong," he said. "Here we have an officer in uniform concealing evidence of what happened."

The GBI placed the officer in question under administrative leave pending the ongoing investigation.

Once the investigation is complete, the authorities will give the case file to the Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s office for review.


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