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Daughter Catches Her Father Out For Dinner With Another Woman After Taking Her Mom To The Same Restaurant

Photo: TikTok
TikTok of mom and daughter at restaurant

Catching your husband potentially cheating on you in public is one thing but catching your father potentially cheating on your mother is a whole other issue.

A woman shared a video to TikTok showing how her meal out with her mom was sidetracked when they spotted a familiar face in the restaurant.

The woman saw her father having dinner with another woman.

Lori, the creator of the video, begins her video with the caption "lmfaoooo I'm out to eat with my momma and my daddy out to eat with his girlfriend."

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In the video, Lori is discreetly attempting to record as her mother motions to the right to direct her camera to what — or rather who — they could see.

As Lori her pans over we see what she claims it her father sitting at another table with a woman who they don't know — the other woman is not visible in the video.

The video has received a huge amount of views and likes, and users are all now commenting on how they would've reacted were they in Lori's position. 

Some say they would've sent "complimentary" food over to the table saying "complements from your daughter and wife over there," and others say they would've confronted him on the spot.

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But wouldn't the father's "date" see that ring on his finger? Or did he just "forget" it at home?

Lori has not posted any kind of explanation as to what is going on in the video but did respond to some questions in the comments of her TikTok.

One user asked if it was a coincidence that they ended up at the same restaurant or if they knew he was going to be there.

To this, Lori explained that she and her mom were there randomly after a dinner party they were supposed to be attending was canceled last minute.

"Did y'all go say hi," one comment asked, and Lori replied, "yes we spoke!" but this is the only comment we have about what occurred.

Many TikTok users praised Lori's mother for remaining calm, noting that they would have freaked out if this happened to them.

Hopefully, this means Lori's mom knows her worth and knows not to stoop to losing your cool in public over a cheating husband — if that is what is going on. 

"Soooo many questions!!! What was his response when y'all spoke to him? What was the side piece's reaction? Did y'all send him the bill," one comment wants to really know the story.

Stay tuned because, hopefully, Lori will make a follow-up video explaining what on earth her dad thinks he's doing!

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