Woman Says She Found Cameras Hidden In Bathroom & Under Desk At Work, Prompting Investigation

A woman's worst nightmare.

tiktok woman finds hidden cameras TikTok

One woman's fear came true after discovering several hidden cameras planted around her workplace. 

In several TikTok videos, Vanessa Lee shared that she found out that someone had hidden a camera underneath her desk, before later finding another one hanging in her office bathroom. 



After Lee found the initial camera underneath her desk, she was able to look up the company that makes the cameras and then "went around the rest of the office … looking for anything that looked like the gadgets they sold.”


TikTok videos show her finding a camera hidden in her office's bathroom 

In the second video, Lee's husband pulled the hidden camera off the wall, which was disguised as a coat hook, turned the hook around, and revealed the camera behind it. 

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Her suspicions were confirmed after looking up "clothes hook hidden camera” on Amazon. She learned that the camera was made by NANIBO, according to the listing, and was a perfect match to be the same one she found in the restroom.


The hidden cameras had been ordered and delivered to one of the men who worked in the maintenance department at her workplace, she claims.

Lee explained that she had already suspected him. The camera she'd found in her office matched the camera he had shown her months ago after setting it up in his office because "someone was stealing his snacks."

Everything was confirmed after Lee and her husband set up a baby cam in her office, catching the maintenance worker fixing the hidden camera under Lee's desk after she "barely unplugged" hoping that he "would come back to see why it wasn't working."

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After the man had come back to her office to fix the hidden camera she'd disrupted underneath her desk, he then plugged in another camera on her wall outlet, which she found when she came into work the next morning.

Lee claimed that the camera was able to notify the man of her presence and he eventually showed up at her office door moments later. She immediately called the police, where they found the package the camera came in.

She showed the package in the video, which was a camera disguised as a phone charger.

In a separate TikTok video, Lee gave a detailed storytime of the entire affair, after reporting the entire incident to the local police.




She explained that she worked in Human Resources at the company, and knew the maintenance staff worker because he would "spend a lot of time in my office," and considered him a friend as he was a "nice guy."

Lee has since left her position in HR, saying that she will be starting "a new job on Monday."


In an interview with the Daily Dot, Lee said that police issued the man a trespassing warning and took his phone. “But he was not arrested. So nothing has been done to him yet,” she added.

She had initially found the cameras in June 2021 and decided to post the videos on TikTok because she wanted to raise "awareness" after being unhappy with how little the police were investigating. 

“I have had no progress from the police. I haven’t had updates, so I went to TikTok with it,” Lee said.

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