Nanny Quits Job After Family She Worked For Didn't Allow Her To Eat 'Their' Food & Made Her Bring Her Own

The nanny sparked a discussion about rules surrounding feeding employees they're while on the job.

Nanny, family @braonain1 / TikTok

Looking after children all day is an exhausting task and one that will certainly require a lot of energy. You might want to have some extra snacks on hand to prepare for the long day — if you’re allowed to, that is.

One nanny revealed the rule a family she worked for enforced on her, and many people are deeming it cruel and unreasonable.

The nanny shared that she was not allowed to eat the food of the family she worked with.

TikTok user @braonain1 is a nanny who often posts about the exciting — and worst — aspects of the job. The 22-year-old has nannied for several families over the last four years and usually has a positive experience, developing a lifelong friendship with the children and their parents.


However, the woman shared one unusual rule she had to follow while working for one family that has many Internet users slamming the family for being unfair.

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In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 3 million times, the nanny shared that she was not allowed to eat the food in the house of the family she worked for. Therefore, she had to pack her own food when she came over to look after the children.


The woman showed viewers the backpack she brought packed with bagels, chips, fruits, a can of soup, and water.

“POV: When the family you nanny for doesn’t let you eat their food so you bring the most random s-–t,” she wrote in the text overlay of her video. The nanny added that she works full days and while she is barred from eating the family’s food, she is allowed to make herself a cup of coffee.

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Many TikTok users believed that the least they could do for their nanny was provide her with meals considering that she was working full days.

“I couldn’t imagine not letting our nanny eat food!” one user commented.


“I feel like this is a red flag of how they might treat you in the future,” another user pointed out.

“If I could afford a nanny, I would absolutely not mind if they ate the food I bought since I’m trusting them with my children,” another user shared.

However, others believed that the family was not required to allow their nanny to help herself to their food while she worked.

“They are treating you like an employee, most jobs don't feed you. A nanny isn't cheap, so food is supposed to be added?” one user commented.

“Unlike other types of employment... you don't get to actually take a regular lunch break. A nanny is on duty even during lunch!” another user pointed out.


Laws regarding employee lunch breaks vary by state, although in many of them, employers are required to provide their employees with a lunch break of a certain length. However, they are not required to provide them with meals and many employees opt to be their own.

The nanny shared that she was instructed not to eat the family’s food via an employment contract. She also defended herself against those who accused her of complaining about the rule.

I was NOT complaining I’m sharing what I brought to eat. In my four years as a nanny I never had a family say I couldn’t eat anything!” she clarified. “So I just brought random stuff and thought it was funny.”

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She added that she has since quit working for the specific family.

Luckily, one of the new families she works for not only allows her to eat their food but keeps the fridge stocked with all of her favorite snacks and drinks!



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