Mom Uses Microphone To Embarrass Son During School Drop Off — 'I've Loved You Since I Pushed You Out Of My Hoo-Ha'

She claims he "loves" her pranks but others fear she's humiliating him for her own gain.

mom embarrasses son @toniaerin / TikTok 

When it comes to being an “embarrassing mom,” one woman understood the assignment and took it to the next level. 

While dropping her son off at school, she ensure that his classmates heard her loud and clear declaring her love for her little boy as he bolted toward the school away from his embarrassing mother. 

The mom used a microphone to call out to her son ‘I’ve loved you since I pushed you out of my hoo-ha,’ as she dropped him off at school. 

Tonia Erin is a mother of two sons who jumps on every opportunity she can to express how much she loves them — and also embarrass them. Her TikTok account is filled with videos of the stunts she pulled on her sons at the school gate.


While dropping off her then 12-year-old son Ashton at school, Erin did not hesitate to embarrass the pre-teen by incorporating a karaoke microphone into the drop-off process. In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 23 million times, the mother records the entire mortifying experience for Ashton. 

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As the two pull up to the drop-off area in front of Ashton’s school, Erin turns to him and says, “I love you.” 


Well aware of what’s about to happen, he pulls his hood over his head in embarrassment. “Not in front of the school!” he begs his mother. After exiting the car and heading into the school, Erin takes out the microphone and puts it to use. “Ashton!” she yells to her son.

“Don’t forget how much I love you! I’ve loved you since the day I pushed you out of my hoo-ha!” Upon hearing this, Ashton ducks his head in embarrassment and sprints into the school. 

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Erin doesn’t stop there. “Make good choices! Love you, baby!” 


Luckily, there are only a few other students in the drop-off area, and none of them seem to notice the mother hollering out to her son through a karaoke microphone. 

In the caption of the viral video, Erin admits that her only regret was that she wished she had waited until more of her son’s classmates were around. 

This is apparently not the first time the mother has recorded herself embarrassing her son. She has posted a series of videos where she publicly embarrasses him in various ways, including playing songs about unicorns as she is dropping him off. 



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The videos have sparked a debate with some feeling that the mother could be inflicting unintended harm on her son. 

Some believed that Erin’s drop-off routine was harmless and comical. “The hoo-ha comment, I can’t breathe!” one TikTok user commented. 

“As a teacher, I’d ask for morning duty just so I could see this!” another user shared. 

Others pointed out that Ashton could face torment from other students due to the embarrassing comments made by his mother. 

“Why do people do this? He is going to get bullied and it will be your fault,” one user wrote. 

“What makes you think that this is okay?” another user asked. 

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Erin addressed the negative and concerned comments from users who feared for her son’s well-being. 

“DISCLAIMER: Ashton loves every minute of this and is bummed when I don’t embarrass him. He genuinely loves to make people laugh,” the mother claimed. 

Erin reveals that recording the videos is a special bonding experience between her and her son and that the two love to share laughs over it. 

"People love seeing the relationship between me and Ashton," Erin told People Magazine. "I think it just makes people smile." 


She adds that the videos have not made Ashton a target of bullying and have instead increased his popularity among his classmates. "All of his friends and teachers think it's really awesome," she says. 

While addressing the particular video, Erin revealed that her choice of using the word ‘hoo-ha’ was not her first. 

"I was talking to my husband about it the night before and I told him I was going to say, 'I've loved you since the day I pushed you out of my vagina,’” she reports. “And he was like, 'No, you can't say that. You can't say that in front of the school.’ So I settled on my 'hoo-ha' instead.” 

Erin says that she adores making these memories with Ashton and is happy that they’ll have videos for a lifetime to look back on. 


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