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Woman Shames Other Moms At School Drop Off With Eyebags & 'Rat Nest Hair' — Telling Them To 'Try Harder'

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woman shames frumpy moms at school pickup line

A mother shared a Facebook post shaming other moms for being frumpy at school pickup has led to some heated debates. 

Early mornings before school can be a whirlwind for mothers: Packing lunches, getting the kids dressed and ready, and making sure they have their homework ready to go for the teachers.

Since so many moms taking care of their kids first, it's no surprise many mothers don't spend a lot of time in the morning worrying about what they are wearing and how they look. 

While being a bit messy in the morning is completely normal for most moms, it seems like one particular mother on Facebook thinks women should put themselves together more when they're dropping their kids off at school. 

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This woman told other moms at school drop off with eyebags and 'rat nest hair' to try harder to look good.

Sanctimommy, a popular Facebook safehaven for mothers to share their concerns, shared a screenshot of the anonymous mother’s post. 

“Ladies, even if you aren’t getting out of the car at drop off can you please try a little,” the mother wrote. 

She goes on to describe the horrors that she witnesses while dropping her daughter off for school — unkempt mothers with “rat nest hair, no makeup, eyebags out to wherever” and she even insists she can “smell morning breath coming from these cars.” 

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According to the mother, even her own daughter has started to take note of the messiness around them.

“My daughter said to me, ‘mommy you are so pretty. My friend’s mommies all look so old. I’m so proud of you and that you are my mommie.’ On the real, if my seven-year-old  can see you aren’t trying what is your husband thinking,” she said. 

Right. A 7-year-old said all that. 

To end it all, the mother shares that other mothers should “take some pride.”

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People slammed the mother in the comments. 

Commenters laughed at the absurdity of the post. 

“The morning breath is how I ward off the remote possibility I might have to speak to you. ‘Hhhhhhow is it hhhhhanging?’” a commenter named Laura Bethard said. 

“If there's 2 things I'm teaching my daughters it's, 1. Appearances matter more than anything and 2. Do whatever you have to in order to keep your husband happy, even if it's at your own expense or something arbitrary that he won't actually see like drop off line when he isn't even there,” another commenter wrote. 

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Others pointed out the obvious lie that the mother’s 7-year-old said all of that. 

“Someday I hope to make up stories about fictitious conversations I have with my kid so I can justify mom-shaming #goals,” one mom wrote. 

“Today my 4 year old asked me, ‘Mommy, why do people go online and lie about things their child said? Don't they realize that children do not speak in the complex structure they want us to believe?’ I was so proud of him,” a commenter joked. 

But one commenter pointed out the bigger picture of this absurdity. 

“It's sad when ladies are part of the patriarchy.”

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