Mom Records Upset Son Begging Her Not To Cuddle His Stepdad In Front Of His Friends Because It's 'Embarrassing'

Being a kid and trying to fit in is tough.

little boy, emotional @foodgoddess / TikTok 

Some parents believe that being affectionate toward one another in front of their children will benefit them and that seeing them in love will add a sense of trust and support among their families. 

However, they may want to cut back on the PDA when their child brings company around. 

One little boy pleaded with his mother to refrain from cuddling with his stepfather whenever he had friends over. 


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The emotional boy claimed that it was ‘embarrassing’ for him when his friends come over and his mom and stepdad were cuddling on the couch. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 775,000 times, the mother recorded her youngest son begging her to spare him from embarrassment. 

Before bringing his friends over to his house, he feared that they would walk into his mother and stepfather snuggling up together on the couch. 



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“I was already thinking that you guys were probably cuddling,” the boy says, with tear streaks staining his face. 

“It’s kind of embarrassing when me and my friend walk in you guys are just cuddling right there.” 

He claims that he is growing tired of always having to give a fair warning to any company he brings over for the possibility of PDA happening in the living room. 

“I understand that you guys love each other… and that you guys are in a good relationship but you guys just always have to be on the couch,” the tearful little boy adds.

When he asks his mom why they cannot go into their bedroom to cuddle, she responds, “well, we like to be with the family,” before she cuts the camera. 


“Warning parents!! Be mindful of cuddling on the couch as this can lead to trauma and embarrassment for your little ones,” the woman captioned the video. 

While she obviously believed the incident to be comical, most TikTok users disagreed with her. 

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Some users were concerned about the boy’s privacy during a vulnerable moment. 

“Ugh, these moments should be private. I feel like I shouldn’t be here,” one user commented. 

“As a parent, I don’t understand how other parents put internet clout over their children’s feelings,” another user shared. 


“He is allowed to have boundaries. It makes me sad he can’t express his discomfort without being recorded,” another added. 

Others suggested that the boy was still reeling from his parent’s divorce and seeing his mom cuddle up with a different man was overwhelming. 

“If it was his dad, I would be laughing. Knowing it’s a stepdad makes me so sad for him. He’s hurting,” one user pointed out. 

“Poor boy, divorce is hard on everyone in the family, it's grief that he is feeling,” another user believed. 

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However, other users found the boy’s reaction to be cute and the funny one of a growing child. 

“As a mom of boys, I find this HILARIOUS,” one user shared. 


“When it’s his time to put his arm around a girl or cuddle on the couch or in public I would pull this vid out and start crying to him,” another user recommended. 

“All these people trying to make it seem like the kid can run the house cause he’s upset…nah, we cuddling, you can go to your room. Period,” another user commented. 

Hopefully, the mother respected her son’s wishes and saved the cuddling in private next time his friends dropped by! 

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