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Mom Drives Straight To 'Disrespectful' Son's School & Checks Him Out Of Class To Punish Him 'In The Moment'

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Mom drives to son's school to punish him, boy writing in his notebook while sitting at a desk at school

After hearing that her son was being disruptive in class, a mother decided to take matters into her own hands and punish him on the spot.

In a TikTok video, the mom of a middle schooler recounted an incident that happened, in which she received a text from her son's teacher that he was being rude and refusing to cooperate with the work that he had been given to complete.

The mom drove to her son's school to punish him 'in the moment.'

In her video, the mom explained that she was sent a photo of an assignment from her son's teacher that he had been asked to complete. Instead of completing it as his classmates had done, her son had instead drawn doodles all over the sheet and told the teacher that he "wasn't going to do it."

After receiving that text from her son's teacher, his mom immediately left work and drove up to the school. When she walked in, the front desk refused to let her go up to the classroom, where she intended to discipline him in front of the entire class.

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"The lady was like, 'I'm really sorry, you can't go to the classroom. It's a school rule,'" she recalled the school employee telling her.

"[She said], 'You have to have an appointment.' Ma'am, my son is not disrespectful by appointment. He's disrespectful right now. I need to go right now."

Eventually, the mom was forced to check her son out, which she did. When he came down from the class, she took him outside, lectured him all the way to the car, and she then made him do "burpees, jumping jacks, and arm rolls."

"I'm not going to leave [him] with any energy to come back into the school to act like an a-hole," she said. "I'm going to wear [him] out. I'm going to make [him] so tired, [he] doesn't have the energy to continuously talk back."

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After she's done punishing him, she takes him back to the school and checks him in again. Upon doing that, the mom notices that "everyone is staring" at her and her son, which she claims "is fine" since her son has "earned it."

She then reprimanded the school system for not allowing parents to entire the classrooms to discipline their children when they behave disrespectfully to teachers.

"If you want the behavior to change, we can't find out about it four hours later," she argued.

"As a school system, you have to let us back in the classrooms. You have to let us get back to embarrassing the hell out of them when they decide they want to act like this."

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Experts have said that using embarrassment as a discipline tactic for children is not effective.

Parenting experts have continuously stressed that any punishment involving shame or embarrassment to a child is not an effective way to discipline, and can even cause long-term psychological issues.

According to Andy Grogan-Kaylor, an associate professor of social work at the University of Michigan: "The research is pretty clear that it's never appropriate to shame a child, or to make a child feel degraded or diminished."

Using malicious punishments as a parent can also damage your relationship with your child, and even lead to a cycle of continued bad behavior.

Instead, experts urge parents to use other disciplinary strategies, including limiting privileges on electronics or other entertainment devices or taking things away from them.

"Positive things have a much more powerful effect on shaping behavior than any punishment," Grogan-Kaylor said.

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