Mom Responds To Parents Who Think She Was Wrong For Tinting Her Son's Eyebrows After Kids Made Fun Of Him

Her son's happiness was all that mattered.

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Mothers will do whatever it takes to comfort their children after they’ve been bullied and take their pain away — even if it means making some alterations to their physical appearance. 

However, one mother is facing backlash after modifying her son’s face after he became the victim of bullies. 

The mother dyed her son’s eyebrows darker after other children teased him over his light brows. 

In a TikTok video that has received over 9 million views, mother and stylist @allstyleschancecup made the decision to dye her son’s eyebrows to prevent future bullying. She documented the experience to her 813,000 followers.


“Somebody made fun of him, said that he didn’t have any eyebrows and he shaved his eyebrows off and he wants to color his eyebrows,” the mother shares as her son stands beside her. 

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She shows viewers a box of men’s eyebrow dye that she plans to use on her son. 


“You think I’m a crazy mom because I’m about to color his eyebrows? I do this all the time at my job you know I’m a professional,” she says. 

The woman adds that she feels bad for her son that he has insecurities about his eyebrows after he was teased, and will do anything to make him feel more confident in his skin. 

She proceeds to mix the dye in a small tin and apply it to her son’s eyebrows as he happily watches along in the camera. 

“I don’t want you to look like a villain so I’m gonna try to give you that natural shape,” the woman assures her son. 

After the dark brown dye is plastered to the boy’s eyebrows, the woman allows the dye to sit for 15 minutes before washing it off, displaying the final results in a follow-up video. 


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“They look good!” she compliments her son, who takes a few moments to get used to his new look. 

Some TikTok users were impressed with the woman’s skills. “They look great!” one user commented. 


“We all do fun things with our eyebrows!! Keep being you, kiddo. Your mom is awesome!” another user wrote. 

However, others believed that the mother was giving the wrong message to her son. 

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Critics claimed the mom was letting bullies win.

She received some backlash over dying her son’s eyebrows from those who believed that she should have just taught him that he shouldn’t care what others think about his appearance. 

“Poor kid, just explain to him that you should never care what other people think,” one user criticized the woman. “This is a mess, he looked great before you hacked his little eyebrows.” 


The mother defended her decision in a follow-up video. 

She explains that she did inform her son about not worrying about what others think. “We don’t care what other people think because at the end of the day, we have to live with ourselves and we have to be happy with ourselves, and that’s all that matters,” she shares. 

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The woman claims that while her son understood what she was attempting to convey to him, he still wanted to dye his eyebrows since it was something that he wanted to do for himself. 

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