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Woman Asks If She Was Wrong For Firing Her Babysitter After The 21-Year-Old Let Her Mom Come Inside The House

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One woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A–Hole?”, subreddit to find out if she was wrong for firing her babysitter for letting her mother come inside the home while she was on the job.

In the forum dedicated to stories about conflicts and drama in people’s lives, the woman details her story.

She hired a 21-year-old woman to babysit her children.

The post began with the mother describing her new babysitter, a 21-year-old woman named Gabby, who she met through her coworker and had recently hired Gabby to watch her three children, ages five, eight and 10.

“She's a student doing a side hustle and lives with her parents,” she wrote.

The woman explains that while Gabby was babysitting one afternoon, "I got an alert of motion detected on our doorbell camera at around 1:30pm,” she continued.

“I saw an unfamiliar woman coming into the house. I was super confused and a bit alarmed at first. She was in the house for maybe 15 minutes, then left and sat in her car.”

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The mother confronted the babysitter who told her that the woman who came into the house was her mom.

Gabby explained that her mom was there to give her a ride home, but the babysitter fired Gabby for her nonchalant attitude about the situation.

“I told Gabby there was no reason for her mom to come into the house and that she can't let other people inside unless it's an emergency,” she wrote.

“She could've at least texted or called one of us.”

“Gabby told me it wasn't a big deal and that it's just her mom and didn't seem to understand the problem at all and wasn't apologetic.”

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The children's mom got heat from her coworker.

The woman decided with her husband to get another babysitter, which didn't sit well with the coworker who recommended Gabby.

“My coworker and Gabby are now pissed at me and my coworker said that their stepsister didn't deserve to get fired and they accused us of having a superiority complex.” 

Most of the commenters agree that Gabby overstepped a boundary.

“You don't know her mom. You hired Gabby to do a job as an adult. If she worked at Pizza Hut, mommy would not be allowed behind the counter in the employees-only area. This is the equivalent of what she did bringing her mother into your home (and you're right, mom had no reason to go inside your home). If she were a teenager, MAYBE I might feel differently, but Gabby is a grown woman”. 

Another user believed that it didn't matter who the person was to the babysitter.

“I babysit occasionally as well and would NEVER let anyone into a client's home, unless it was an emergency - especially someone whom we are not all familiar with,” wrote another.

“Her being Gabby's mother is honestly irrelevant, she's a STRANGER to you and hadn't gotten your permission to enter,” they continued.

“What was she doing inside for 15 minutes anyway?” then they deemed her not to be “the A–hole”.

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