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Mom Slammed For 'Elf On The Shelf' Prank On Daughter That Others Say She Took Too Far

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As Christmas quickly approaches, most children maintain their best behavior so that their “elf on the shelf” can give an excellent report to Santa. 

Elf on the Shelf is a tradition some families follow where parents place a doll that resembles an elf in various parts of the house to keep an eye on the children. 

Sometimes, the parents have their elves play mischievous pranks on the children. One mother is facing backlash on a seemingly innocent prank she played on her young daughter using her elf on the shelf. 

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The mother cut up her daughter’s pajamas with scissors and pinned it on the elf on the shelf. 

TikToker and mom McKenzie Taylor has documented her elf on the shelf causing mischief around her household, including eating an entire box of chocolates and raiding her daughter’s advent calendar. 

In one prank video that has been viewed over 3 million times, Taylor decided to prank her young daughter by cutting up her pajamas with a pair of scissors and blaming their elf on the shelf. 



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The video opens with the elf placed on a pillow on Taylor’s daughter’s bed, where she is sleeping soundly. 

The elf sits beside a pair of scissors. 

The next shot depicts Taylor holding shreds of her daughter’s pajamas in her hand. 

When her daughter awakens, she is oblivious to what has happened. Taylor shares a few more shots of her daughter wearing her tattered pajamas and scatters the torn clothing around the elf and the pair of scissors to make it appear as if he is responsible. 

Taylor’s daughter eventually realizes the state of her pajamas after Taylor finally points out to the child that her pajama pants and shirt are littered with holes and chunks taken from the clothing articles. 

As she inspects the damage, she appears to be unbothered. 

Taylor revealed in the video’s caption that the stunt was difficult to pull off, as her daughter woke up during the process. 

While Taylor believed that she was playing a harmless prank on her daughter, other TikTok users felt otherwise. 

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Taylor was criticized for taking the prank too far and ruining her daughter’s pajamas.

“Too far — girl is gonna become scared of the elf,” one user commented. 

“I’d cry if someone cut my PJs,” another user wrote. 

“I’m just worried about the scissors near her when she’s sleeping, girl could’ve lost an eye,” another concerned user pointed out. 

“I don’t see the fun in it, just weirdly mean,” another chimed in. 

However, other users loved how creative Taylor’s incorporation of her elf on the shelf was and did not see the prank as harmful. 


“It’s pajamas the kids not gonna die,” another user wrote. 

“These Elf on the Shelf gags you’re doing are by far the best I’ve ever seen on TikTok.  Well played,” another user commented. 

Hopefully, there are plenty of gifts for Taylor’s daughter under the tree this year, including a new pair of pajamas, after enduring all of the mischievous elf’s pranks! 

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