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Mom Shares Emotional Note To Ex-Boyfriend's New Girlfriend In Facebook Post

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Audrey Nicole

In an emotional Facebook post, a mother shows just how important it is to get along with her ex’s new partner.

It can be difficult to co-parent after a relationship is all said and done.

For most parents, it can be even more difficult when their ex-partner gets into a new relationship. Having to navigate the new feelings and the complexities of having your child meet a new person typically leads to hateful feelings for the other.

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But one mother is sharing her experience with having a step-mom parent her child in an emotional Facebook post.

The mom shared a ‘thank you’ to her ex’s new girlfriend.

In a Facebook post that went viral in 2016, Audrey Nicole condemned other parents for being spiteful to each other.

She shared a heartwarming photo of her daughter with her dad’s new girlfriend.

“This is my daughter's father’s girlfriend. The sweetest thing ever! I'm super thankful for her because when she visits her dad she feeds her, takes care of her, buys her gifts, and basically takes care of her like her own,” Audrey wrote.

“Why do all these moms act so spiteful and jealous towards the other women?? NO ONE said it was easy trying to be a mother to a kid you didn't have.”

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She goes on further to explain that it’s important to keep these relationships close because if you push them away, somebody who doesn’t actually care about your child will come in.

So why not have somebody who cares just as much as you do about your kid stay in their life? “A kid can have two moms because in my eyes the more people that love her I'm happy! I would never make her feel like an outsider. I'm extremely thankful for this girl,” she said, imploring other women to “love more, hate less.”

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The post surprisingly received overwhelmingly positive comments.

“Amen! Co-parenting is in the best interest of the children!” one user commented.

“I'd rather my children have more people to love them than worry about someone taking my place! Love more, hate less — children learn by example! Awesome job mom and girlfriend!” another user commented.

The comments were also flooded with fellow parents tagging their partner’s significant others, thanking them for all they do for their children.

One mom expressed her sentiments by tagging the girlfriend, saying, “Thank you for being you and being sweet to my boy.”

This post shows just how important it is to love one another for the sake of the children.

As Nicole so wisely said, “love more, hate less.”

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