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Woman Wonders If She Was Right To Tell Her Ex’s New Girlfriend The Brutally Honest Reason They Divorced

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Woman Tells Her Ex's New Girlfriend The Reason They Divorced

A Reddit user has taken to the internet to ask if she is an a-hole for telling her ex-husband’s girlfriend why they broke up. 

“I was married for 3 years. We divorced 2.5 years ago. The marriage was bad. I was stupid. I ignored a lot of warning signs because I was naïve. I got my son out of it but I also know that might not be a great thing for my son” she starts off the post by saying. 

She explained how her ex was a widower when they met and would talk about his wife all the time. 

She continues by saying there were pictures of the wife everywhere and no one would ever compare to her. No one in the family ever treated her with respect. 

Her husband even revealed he never had feelings for her. 

“It all unraveled when I became pregnant and he revealed to me he never loved or had wanted to be with me let alone marry me. And he didn't want our baby. His kids sent me off with a big f—k you, saying my son would never be part of the family, and they were right,” she said. 

But, when her ex's new girlfriend reached out, she told her why she and her husband divorced. 

She is unsure how her name was mentioned recently but the ex’s new girlfriend reached out to her and asked why he wasn’t involved in the child's life. She then told the women her story with him. 

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“She confessed to me that his kids would taunt her, even the one who was in college, that they made her know she would never be accepted or wanted and he was pressured to be with her” the post reads. 

Soon after, the ex’s family had found out and messaged her on Facebook to say it was not her place to disclose anything and they she had ruined the relationship since the girlfriend had left him.  

She ends the post by saying, “Are they right? Am I in the wrong here”

Most of the Reddit comments are siding with her. 

Almost all of the comments say “NTA” for “Not the A-hole”. The top comment in the thread reads, “NTA. You saved this woman from being treated the way you did - and that makes you a hero in my book. Block his family. They don’t need to be able to contact you.” 

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However, owboi disagrees with this take just a little. “Op (original poster) didn't save the new gf. The new gf had a reason to gather info, did that, and saved herself. Op was kind enough to be honest, yes, and I'm glad she was. Thank you, op. That didn't change the new GFs mind, though, and OP is not accountable for the fallout in any way.” 

But, most of the comments are in her favor, saying the girlfriend reached out first and citing girl code. 

For instance, paqura said, “NTA. You were asked to share your story, and that you did. If they weren't doing anything wrong, they wouldn't be mad about you sharing your story either. Clearly they're doing the same thing to the GF, so you simply helped her dodge a bullet.” 

The creator did respond to one comment which expressed sympathy and asked how they could be so cruel. To her, she believes the family never processed the grief of losing the wife.

“Instead they let it turn them angry. And I think my ex just doesn't speak up enough so he keeps hurting people. He dates/marries but never feels a thing for us and doesn't feel a thing for the child he helped create. Because to him the only valid children are the ones he made with his wife.” 

Hopefully, the ex-husband will soon realize how his actions deeply hurt several women. 

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