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Mom Responds To Backlash After She Allows 9-Year-Old Daughter To Get A Nose Piercing

Photo: TikTok
Daughter and mom with nose piercing

The mom we all wish we had growing up — is the one who let us try all the new trends with makeup, clothes, and piercings?

After one mom jokingly posted a TikTok of her daughter on their Ring doorbell camera, she unexpectedly faced tons of backlash and comments angry about her daughter’s piercing.

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After posting a video showing her 9-year-old daughter’s nose ring, this TikTok mom faces serious backlash.

In her original video, the hilarious video showed her daughter with her face up close to the ring camera whispering, “Open the door.”

“TikTok made her do it,” the caption of the video reads — referencing TikTok trends where people post footage of people on their Ring cameras.

Expecting supportive comments to join their laughter over her daughter’s quirky behavior, the mom was shocked when she went back to the video days later.



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Angry commenters attack the mom under the unsuspecting video for letting her ‘little child’ get a nose piercing.

One commenter says, “OMG. Is she 9 or 19, because why would you let a little girl get her nose pierced?”

Hundreds more agree, one saying, “HOLD ON. HOW OLD IS THAT CHILD TO HAVE A NOSE PIERCING?”

In a sea of hurtful and angry comments, one person attempts to back the mom saying, “Y’all are hating on a piece of jewelry. She ain’t your kid, so why does it matter so much?”

Some comments also support the mom — saying that the daughter was old enough to tell her mom that she wanted a nose piercing, and to make that decision.

These commenters point out another TikTok mom that might be more justified to receive angry comments.



In a TikTok video posted in February, this mom took her two-month-old baby to a piercing shop to get her nose pierced — something that, clearly, the baby did not ask for.  

The video shows her arriving at the shop, and having the owners tell her that they would not be able to pierce her nose, but could pierce her ears.

Comments are unanimous that it’s ridiculous to pierce a 2-month-old baby's nose — so, what makes this 9-year-old who asked for one so divisive?

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Responding to the backlash, the mom posted a follow-up video telling people to ‘judge away.’ 

Not only does she initially address the concerns in the comments about her daughter’s age, but she also brings up another absurd observation.

“I’ve been seeing a little bit about that…some kid being held hostage,” the mom says disgustingly, “Are you insinuating that my child mocking another TikTok video, saying “open the door” is her being…”

The shocked and confused mom trails off and looks for her daughter, ultimately waking her up to speak for herself.



“Okay, so my kid is not kidnapped,” the mom says after panning the camera around to her two daughters.

“About the nose ring thing,” she says after sitting down, “She’s nine years old, okay? If she wants a f–ing nose ring…what is the big deal with that?” 

Unlike other TikTok moms, she explains that she was approached by her daughter who wanted to get a ‘simple nose piercing’ and she agreed. 

She never forced her daughter to get a piercing she didn’t want, she never convinced her daughter, and with a nose piercing of her own, the mom knew exactly what advice and preparation to give her excited daughter.

So, does this make her the coolest mom or the most irresponsible? Comments are divisive, but it seems like she might be taking home an award — especially from her happy and healthy daughters.

“So, can we all move on and laugh…because it was funny? I can’t even with this app,” the mom says ending her video. 

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